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Canada Government Jobs Salaries 2023 (Basic Pay Rates Revealed)

How Much Canadian Government Employees Get Paid in 2023?

I was super curious to know how much salaries the Canadian Government is Offering to its employees in 2023. This is how i ended up finding this detailed information on the average take-home salaries of Canadian Government Employees after income tax deductions. But with that, i also found out that Canadian Government Workers also receive residential, utility, fuel, and food allowances and health insurance plans on top of good salaries.

After researching this information, i also got highly interested to apply for these Canadian jobs and today i am sharing the full list of Canadian Government Jobs with their average salaries with you so you can save your time for searching this information elsewhere! Please also keep in mind if you are not a US/Canadian national then you would be required to get a Canadian Work Permit after getting a job offer letter from Canada to legally enter Canada for work purposes. You can read below the average income information of Canadian Government Jobs in 2023 but if you want to search for open vacancies in Canadian government then check this page.

How Much Salary Canadian Government Jobs Pay in 2023?

Here is the complete list of all the jobs with their salaries offered by the Canadian Government to local and international employees in 2023:

  • Canadian Job: Anesthesiologist Income Bracket; CAD$300k – $355k/annum
  • Canadian Job: Water Resources Engineer Income Bracket; C$6K- C$10K, Average Income: C$7,794
  • Canadian Job: Pilot Income Bracket; CAD$110k – $150k/annum
  • Canadian Job: Security Officer Income Bracket; C$40k – C$104k, Average Income: C$63,753
  • Canadian Job: Researcher Income Bracket; CAD$60k – $120k/annum
  • Canadian Job: Consultant Income Bracket; C$7K – C$11K, Average Income: C$8,561
  • Canadian Job: Lead UX Designer Income Bracket; C$74k – C$137k, Average Income: C$102,084
  • Canadian Job: Head of Communications Income Bracket; C$7K – C$12K, Average Income: C$9,232
  • Canadian Job: Economist Income Bracket; C$43k – C$73k, Average Income: C$57,587
  • Canadian Job: Senior Research Scientist Income Bracket; C$116k – C$172k, Average Income: C$140,851
  • Canadian Job: Forestry Technician Income Bracket; C$3K- C$5K, Average Income: C$4,231
  • Canadian Job: Paralegal Income Bracket; C$57k – C$101k, Average Income: C$75,828
  • Canadian Job: Technical Services Manager Income Bracket; C$56k – C$142k, Average Income: C$85,298
  • Canadian Job: Project Manager Officer Income Bracket; C$61k – C$146k, Average Income: C$86,731
  • Canadian Job: Cyber Security Analyst Income Bracket; C$5K- C$9K, Average Income: C$6,965
  • Canadian Job: Marine Biologist Income Bracket; C$39k – C$58k, Average Income: C$48,051
  • Canadian Job: Web Developer Income Bracket; C$54k – C$99k, Average Income: C$75,050
  • Canadian Job: Operations Manager Income Bracket; C$6K – C$13K, Average Income: C$8,709
  • Canadian Job: Systems Engineer Income Bracket; C$7K – C$10K, Average Income: C$8,530
  • Canadian Job: Construction Manager Income Bracket; C$7K – C$11K, Average Income: C$9,103
  • Canadian Job: Geographic (GIS) Specialist Income Bracket; C$58k – C$95k, Average Income: C$74,000
  • Canadian Job: Payment Services Officer Income Bracket; C$3K – C$5K, Average Income: C$4,192
  • Canadian Job: Interns Income Bracket; C$4K – C$6K, Average Income: C$4,571
  • Canadian Job: Gymnastics Coach Income Bracket; C$3K- C$4K, Average Income: C$3,390
  • Canadian Job: Policy Officer Income Bracket; C$49k – C$90k, Average Income: C$66,349
  • Public Relations Specialist Income Bracket; C$4K- C$7K, Average Income: C$5,661
  • Canadian Job: Marketing Manager Income Bracket; C$8K- C$15K, Average Income: C$10,127
  • Canadian Job: Energy Specialist Income Bracket; CAD$5K- CAD$12K, Average Income: C$7,279
  • Canadian Job: Programmer Analyst Income Bracket; C$76k – C$113k, Average Income: C$91,481
  • Canadian Job: Senior Network Administrator, IT Income Bracket; C$68k – C$103k, Average Income: C$84,123
  • Canadian Job: Testing and Commissioning Engineer Income Bracket; C$7K- C$10K, Average Income: C$8,336
  • Canadian Job: Executive Assistant Income Bracket; C$4K- C$6K, Average Income: C$5,269
  • Canadian Job: Procurement Officer Income Bracket; C$5K- C$8K, Average Income: C$6,292
  • Canadian Job: Office Administrator Income Bracket; C$41k – C$65k, Average Income: C$51,633
  • Canadian Job: Gov Department Program Assistant  Income Bracket; C$3K – C$5K, Average Income: C$3,788
  • Canadian Job: Government Writer Income Bracket; C$4K – C$7K, Average Income: C$5,700
  • Canadian Job: Business Development Assistant Income Bracket; C$4K- C$9K, Average Income: C$5,914
  • Canadian Job: Senior Program Officer Income Bracket; C$57k – C$99k, Average Income: C$75,181
  • Canadian Job: Financial Analyst Income Bracket; C$60k – C$97k, Average Income: C$76,248
  • Canadian Job: Police Detective Income Bracket; C$61k – C$118k, Average Income: C$87,869
  • Canadian Job: Policy Advisor Income Bracket; C$46k – C$81k, Average Income: C$62,699
  • Canadian Job: Human Resource Advisor Income Bracket; C$61k – C$105k, Average Income: C$80,800
  • Canadian Job: UX Researcher Income Bracket; C$52k – C$95k, Average Income: C$71,107
  • Canadian Job: Financial Advisor Income Bracket; C$47k – C$91k, Average Income: C$65,175
  • Canadian Job: Policy Analyst Income Bracket; C$49k – C$92k, Average Income: C$68,025
  • Canadian Job: Administrative Assistant Income Bracket; C$36k – C$58k, Average Income: C$47,582
  • Canadian Job: Sr Commercial Officer/manager Income Bracket; C$7K- C$12K, Average Income: C$9,424
  • Canadian Job: Structural Engineer Income Bracket; C$77k – C$136k, Average Income: C$103,091
  • Canadian Job: Internal Auditing Manager Income Bracket; C$69k – C$131k, Average Income: C$102,635
  • Canadian Job: Environmental Scientist Income Bracket; C$71k – C$129k, Average Income: C$99,422
  • Canadian Job: Computer Systems Analyst Income Bracket; C$53k – C$81k, Average Income: C$65,993
  • Canadian Job: Research Scientist Income Bracket; C$53k – C$98k, Average Income: C$73,467
  • Canadian Job: Customer Service Representative (CSR) Income Bracket; C$33k – C$59k, Average Income: C$44,412
  • Canadian Job: Trade Commissioner Assistant Income Bracket; C$4K – C$9K, Average Income: C$5,853
  • Canadian Job: Research Analyst Income Bracket; C$47k – C$75k, Average Income: C$59,889
  • Canadian Job: Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Income Bracket; C$53k – C$75k, Average Income: C$63,668
  • Canadian Job: Administrative Officer Income Bracket; C$39k – C$70k, Average Income: C$52,258
  • Canadian Job: Programmer or Developer Income Bracket; C$47k – C$83k, Average Income: C$62,963
  • Canadian Job: Government Recruiter Income Bracket; C$4K – C$9K, Average Income: C$5,923
  • Canadian Job: Senior Account Manager Income Bracket; C$49k – C$113k, Average Income: C$71,612
  • Canadian Job: Director Income Bracket; C$10K – C$19K, Average Income: C$13,759
  • Canadian Job: Program Manager (Engineering) Income Bracket; C$85k – C$166k, Average Income: C$118,666
  • Canadian Job: Senior Economist Income Bracket; C$94k – C$165k, Average Income: C$121,353
  • Canadian Job: Exercise Physiologist Income Bracket; C$5K- C$7K, Average Income: C$5,965
  • Canadian Job: Social Media Specialist Income Bracket; C$42k – C$75k, Average Income: C$57,368
  • Canadian Job: Software Engineer Income Bracket; C$85k – C$145k, Average Income: C$110,889
  • Canadian Job: Deputy Director Income Bracket; C$9K – C$14K, Average Income: C$11,427
  • Canadian Job: Communication Manager Income Bracket; C$7K – C$10K, Average Income: C$8,308
  • Canadian Job: Instructional Designer Income Bracket; C$64k – C$97k, Average Income: C$78,550
  • Canadian Job: Senior Project Manager, IT Income Bracket; C$108k – C$169k, Average Income: C$133,943
  • Canadian Job: Intelligence Analyst Income Bracket; C$51k – C$84k, Average Income: C$65,801
  • Canadian Job: Help Desk Analyst Income Bracket; C$4K- C$7K, Average Income: C$5,314
  • Canadian Job: Project Coordinator (General) Income Bracket; C$45k – C$77k, Average Income: C$59,246
  • Canadian Job: Program Manager Income Bracket; C$44k – C$86k, Average Income: C$61,569
  • Canadian Job: Senior Policy Advisor Income Bracket; C$71k – C$123k, Average Income: C$90,786
  • Canadian Job: Detective or Criminal Investigator Income Bracket; C$63k – C$113k, Average Income: C$86,642
  • Canadian Job: Case Manager Income Bracket; C$53k – C$97k, Average Income: C$69,237
  • Canadian Job: Database Administrator Income Bracket; C$6K- C$9K, Average Income: C$7,034
  • Canadian Job: Doctor Income Bracket; C$10K – C$18K, Average Income: C$13,328
  • Canadian Job: Civil Servant Income Bracket; C$5K – C$12K, Average Income: C$7,066
  • Canadian Job: Senior Solutions Architect Income Bracket; C$83k – C$139k, Average Income: C$107,668
  • Canadian Job: Service Administrator Income Bracket; C$3K- C$5K, Average Income: C$4,125
  • Canadian Job: Technical Advisor Income Bracket; C$70k – C$136k, Average Income: C$97,556
  • Canadian Job: Pharmacologist Income Bracket; C$50k – C$104k, Average Income: C$73,435
  • Canadian Job: Pension Administrator Income Bracket; C$44k – C$68k, Average Income: C$56,351
  • Canadian Job: Government Product Manager Income Bracket; C$9K-C$16K, Average Income: C$11,406
  • Canadian Job: Communications Coordinator Income Bracket; C$48k – C$74k, Average Income: C$59,870
  • Canadian Job: Administrative / Office Manager Income Bracket; C$39k – C$83k, Average Income: C$55,937
  • Canadian Job: Senior Procurement Manager Income Bracket; C$70k – C$110k, Average Income: C$88,482
  • Canadian Job: Contract Specialist Income Bracket; C$6K – C$8K, Average Income: C$6,804
  • Canadian Job: Computer / Network Support Technician Income Bracket; C$49k – C$86k, Average Income: C$64,510
  • Canadian Job: Engineering Program Manager Income Bracket; C$10K – C$24K, Average Income: C$14,593
  • Canadian Job: Compliance Analyst Income Bracket; C$66k – C$97k, Average Income: C$80,816
  • Canadian Job: Budget Analyst Income Bracket; C$5K – C$7K, Average Income: C$5,976
  • Canadian Job: Sales Associate, Income Bracket; C$3K – C$7K, Average Income: C$4,258
  • Canadian Job: Departmental Project Manager Income Bracket; C$62k – C$123k, Average Income: C$86,893
  • Canadian Job: Director of Finance Income Bracket; C$10K- C$28K, Average Income: C$15,642
  • Canadian Job: Program Assistant at Foreign Ministry Income Bracket; C$4K- C$7K, Average Income: C$5,318
  • Canadian Job: Procurement Officer Income Bracket; C$38k – C$65k, Average Income: C$50,585
  • Canadian Job: Customer Service Agent Income Bracket; C$40k – C$71k, Average Income: C$53,435
  • Canadian Job: Intelligence Officer Income Bracket; C$65k – C$114k, Average Income: C$86,560
  • Canadian Job: Correctional Officer / Jailer Income Bracket; C$37k – C$71k, Average Income: C$58,028
  • Canadian Job: Criminal Defence Lawyer Income Bracket; C$65k – C$175k, Average Income: C$102,041
  • Canadian Job: International Program Specialist Income Bracket; C$5K- C$7K, Average Income: C$5,629
  • Canadian Job: Project Coordinator (IT) Income Bracket; C$52k – C$87k, Average Income: C$67,185

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