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General Staff Jobs in Canada Without Experience in 2023

You may have read hundreds of articles about jobs in Canada with a variety of professions and occupations announced by Canadian companies and government organizations. But, there are some Canadian job occupations that may never have captured your eyes yet! Yes, in this article you would get to know new possibilities to move to Canada to start a new job by hunting down the most under-rated job professions in Canada!

General Staff Worker Jobs in Canada Without Experience in 2023

The following occupations in the Canadian market are seeking online applications for recruitment in 2023:

  • Factory Helper Jobs in Canada

You may be required to perform various tasks as a Factory Helper. This position does not specifically define a certain task or function that you have to serve. On the contrary, you will be required to work in different capacities as a Factory Helper. This will include helping others in different factory operations.

These operations may include production, packaging, transportation, etc. You must be comfortable working in a factory environment to be eligible for the job. Moreover, you must have the required physical strength and stamina to function in this position. $30,771 is the average annual salary for Factory Helpers in Canada. If your resume is ready and you are interested in these positions then check out open jobs here.

  • Construction Worker Jobs in Canada

Working as a Construction Worker does not require any prior experience in Canada. To operate in this capacity, you must have the required skills. This job is mainly dependent on physical strength. You will require physical strength to carry heavy objects, operate machinery, and carry out other tasks.

Additionally, you will require good stamina because you will be working for long hours at construction sites. This will require you to bear the weather conditions that you are faced with. Construction workers make $44,399 on average annually in Canada. Let’s check out the construction worker open positions in Canada here.

  • Registered Practical Nurse Jobs in Canada

The Registered Practical Nurse is responsible for carrying out basic tasks in healthcare facilities. While experience is not usually required in these positions, it is preferred that the candidate has a good understanding of the area that they are applying for. This is because working as a nurse is a job of great responsibility.

This job requires you to make swift decisions. Thus, you must have strong decision-making skills. You must also be able to follow the given instructions to the tee. Long shifts may also be required in this job which will require consistent focus. The average annual salary for Registered Practical Nurses in Canada is $54,698. Nursing jobs in Canada for 2023 are available here.

  • Fish Cutter & Cleaner Jobs in Canada

The demand for fish is particularly high in Canada. This means that there are a lot of opportunities for fish cutters and cleaners. Working as a fish processing worker does not require a particular skill which is why you don’t need to demonstrate any prior experience to land such a job. The job only requires you to operate swiftly as the workload at times can be heavy. The annual salary for Fish Cutters in Canada is $32,175. You can hunt down hundreds of jobs for fish cutters in Canada here.

  • Housekeeper Jobs in Canada

You don’t need any experience to work as a Housekeeper. With people busier in their practical lives, there are more opportunities for unemployed people to work as Housekeepers. This requires you to do basic house chores. This may include cleaning, dishwashing, cooking, etc. You must be able to maintain the house. The job of a Housekeeper is significantly well-paid in Canada at an average annual salary of $33,150. Now, let me bring your focus on open jobs for housekeepers in Canada here.

  • Supermarket Staff Worker Jobs in Canada

The Supermarket Staff Workers are responsible for assisting the customers in finding their desired goods. They are also responsible for maintaining inventory and giving records. The Supermarket Staff Workers are not required to have any previous experience. However, this job requires great stamina as you will be required to stand throughout your shift. The average annual salary for Supermarket Staff Workers in Canada is $31,200; whereas, here are the open job positions for supermarket workers in Canada.

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