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High Paying Online Jobs 2023 for Students

Finding a job online is not so easy as it seems because it takes efforts and proper professional effort to apply for an online job position and compete with so many applicants online. Everyone who worked from the office has to work from home, but people who had no jobs or were students finding ways to reduce their student loans all moved to online jobs.

Online jobs are scientifically proven to be less stressful and more efficient. Imagine just rolling straight out of the bed and into your workspace which is just your laptop (with a stable Wi-Fi connection). Online jobs offer flexible working hours, and high pay is what attracts most individuals towards them. Pandemic or not, restricted movement or not, most people kept their online jobs as a way to earn alongside their primary source of income.

Here is a list of the top 10 highest paying online jobs:

  1. Content Creator on YouTube

In a world full of media and technology, YouTube has been the leading entertainment provider for every generation of individuals. YouTube has so much impact on our lives. All that a content creator has to do is create useful or entertaining videos or clips regarding what is “trending” nowadays and upload them online. Along with just creating videos or clips, a content creator should have excellent editing and writing skills to attracts viewers. Being a successful content creator will positively fill your pockets with cash. Most get paid $35 an hour and can make up to $50,0000 plus a year.

  1. Virtual Assistants (VA)

Virtual Assistant jobs have recently gotten into the limelight. Imagine a real-life assistant and then a virtual assistant. Their jobs are pretty similar but in two different contexts. A virtual assistant will assist their employee in gaining more clients, or viewers, or simply more engagement on their online work. VA’s may also be asked to do tasks their employees assign to them such as appointment setting, social media management, email management, and travel arrangements. Most leading VA’s earn from anywhere $20 to $25 per hour. If your employer is highly satisfied with your work, you may get bonuses as well.

  1. Online Tutoring

If you were exceptionally great at a couple of subjects or even a single subject in your high school or undergrad then, online tutoring may be for you. You connect to multiple kids online through any tutoring website and tutor them with their schoolwork or projects daily for a minimum of three hours. An online tutor gets a $20 minimum per hour.

  1. Freelance Writing

Freelancing is one of the first jobs that occur in a person’s mind when they hear the words “online job.” if you are not into teaching but often write then freelancing may be the right pick for you. Earning good from freelancing mostly depends on how cooperative you are with your client and good you are with your writing skills. You should register yourself through freelancing websites such as Fiverr to gain positive feedbacks, so your pay rate is increased. There is unlimited money earning opportunity in freelancing.

  1. Watching Ads

If you are neither into writing nor teaching, then maybe watching Ads is for you. This online job requires minimal effort but pays a couple of hundred dollars per month which is not so bad considering its requirements and level of expertise. Companies out there are asking for individuals to watch their ads and in return, they will pay them. All you need to do is contact companies or look for sites that advertise for the companies. Watch their ads for a couple of hours, give user feedback and earn!

  1. Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer’s online job requires a good understanding of social media trends and the youth to attract customers for small business owners. Most business owners do not have time to work on their social media. This way their social media is outdated, and they lack potential customers. Social media marketers manage their social media and bring more customers through engaging posts, stories, and customer feedback. Social media marketers have an average pay of $30 to 100 per hour.

  1. Online Customer Service

This online job is self-explanatory. You join a company to be their 24/7 top customer support services. The job requirements are as simple as fluency in the dominant language of your residing country and 24/7 availability. You must be able to guide the customer seeking help thoroughly through emails or chat and provide the best customer care service. Customer Support will allow you to make $50,0000 in a popular company but you can earn even more if you maintain a good support service image.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

SEO Specialist needs to have full knowledge of how search engines work. Most small businesses hire SEO specialists, so their websites receive a larger number of visitors through search engines like Google and Yahoo. This way their small business will be ranked on top of the search engine and be available when searched for. SEO Specialists are paid $30 per hour, on average.

  1. Stock photography

If you are into photography, then maybe stock photography is what will spark up for you. Stock photography is different than portrait, landscape, and event photography. In stock photography, you are required to take excellent pictures of food, lifestyle, business, or simply nature for business websites, marketing, or presentations. Or you simply sign up to a stock photography website and put your images up for sale online. You will earn up to $20 to $50 for every image that is downloaded or sold.

  1. Graphic Design or Illustrator

Lastly, another creative hobby that you can monetize is graphic designing or illustrating. Graphic designing requires you to design engaging graphics for companies or small business owners for their branding. Meanwhile illustrating can allow you to start your Etsy store where you sell your handmade occasion cards or invites. Graphic designing has an average pay rate of $15 to $25 per hour, while the Etsy store allows you to set your prices for your products.

Bisma Farooq

Bisma is a top financial aid advisor at top-ranked colleges across the country and we have her here on our guest authors list. She writes on academic topics, available opportunities, and their application procedures. She holds a master's degree in medical sciences.

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