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How to Get Jobs in Canada from Abroad? (Answered)

Canada will need to expand its skilled labor in the coming years since a large portion of its currently trained workers will retire in the near future and the country has not generated enough college graduates and skilled workers to fill the void.

This is why Canada needs to take use of its skilled worker program, which includes the Federal Express Entry program, provincial nominee schemes, and more to bring in qualified workers from other countries. In recent years, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada have made its criteria and standards flexible for talented foreign workers to obtain permanent resident status in Canada.

Steps to Get a Job in Canada from Abroad:

  1. Analyze the Canadian job market and industry: The best way to get hired is to become familiar with the companies that are hiring in your profession, the steps involved in the hiring process, and the kinds of abilities that are in high demand.
  2. Improve your skills to increase your chances of employment: If you want to increase your chances of getting recruited, you should spend some time learning new technology either independently or through a degree program.
  3. Built a Canadian-style resume and cover letter: When applying for a job in Canada, you can choose from three different resume formats: reverse chronological, functional, or hybrid. How many years of experience you have in your field, whether you are switching industries, or if there are gaps in your career history all play a role in determining the best resume structure for your application.
  4. Make useful links in the Canadian industry: With the help of your Canadian professional network, you can gain insight into the unseen job market, the talents that are in demand, and the hiring practices of various companies.
  5. Search for job vacancies and visit website job listings: Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, each of which you might have used to find a job abroad, are also widely utilized in Canada. Registering with the federal government’s Job Bank is another option.
  6. Register in Canadian companies: Robert Half Canada, Randstad Canada, and Hays Canada are just a few of the recruitment firms used by Canadian businesses.
  7. Submit your application to get a job: After completing all requirements you can submit your application and keep tracking your application status.

List of Canadian Immigration Programs for Jobs in Canada

You can take advantage of Canadian skilled worker programs to find jobs in Canada in 2023:

Documents Required for Getting a job in Canada from Abroad:

When applying for Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or a work or study permit, there are a few additional pieces of documentation you will need to prove your eligibility before you can start looking for a job. You might still be offered a job in Canada if you don’t have all of these things, but in order to start working there, you’ll need to have things like a Social Insurance Number. The documents required to obtain employment in Canada are as follows;

  • You have to show legal proof of permanent residence, work permit, or study visa to apply for a job in Canada.
  • To be qualified for employment in Canada, you must have a SIN, regardless of whether you are a permanent or temporary resident. You’ll need to relocate to Canada and register for a SIN before you can begin working at the job you obtained while you were still abroad. Your employer will require your SIN in order to withhold and remit income tax, Canada Pension Plan (or Quebec Pension Plan) contributions, and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums on your behalf.
  • You need an educational credential assessment to apply for a job in Canada. An ECA confirms that your diploma, certificate, or degree is genuine and recognized in Canada.
  • Proof of the previous job must be provided. Previous employment must be verified with documents such as letters of reference, joining/resignation letters, payslips, tax returns, etc.
  • Potential employers may request copies of your passport or other forms of identification. If you want to apply for permanent residency or a work permit, you’ll also need these things.


The building industry and manufacturing both offer numerous employment opportunities. There are job openings in the IT industry for people with software engineering, web design, and artificial intelligence and development backgrounds.

Services industries like banking, human resources, marketing, sales, hospitality, and management all need qualified workers. Educators at all levels, as well as medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and medical assistants, are in high demand.

Most jobs in the Canadian healthcare and education sectors, however, are governed by legislation that necessitates the possession of a valid provincial or territorial license. So being an international citizen you have unlimited opportunities in Canada to apply for jobs.

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