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Job Occupations Without Experience in Turkey for Everyone [2023 Update]

You can start with No Experience Jobs in Turkey for various occupations at the start of the new year 2023. All you have to do is to make a convincing resume (CV), academic documents, and a cover letter and then submit an application for the following job occupations in Turkey. In this article, i am going to unveil high-paying jobs in Turkey which can be an easy fit for everyone as per my experience. Due to rising inflation globally, nowadays, if you got skills in something; then you can excel in that particular field with a motive in mind to make something big out of it. Remember, no job and no business is small before reading this full article!

List of Job Occupations in Turkey Without Experience

The following jobs in Turkey are now available in Turkey that does not require a job experience certificate in 2023:

1# Receptionist Jobs in Turkey

Working as a Receptionist does not require any experience. The job only requires a basic understanding of the computer to generate bills and update data. However, this job will demand you to be proactive throughout your shift although this will be dictated by the store or company you are working in.

The top supermarkets to work as a Receptionist include Carrefour Group Stores, Bim Supermarkets, Yildiz Holdings, etc. While these are good options, you can also work in other industries as a receptionist such as in hospitals, hotels, spas, etc. The average annual salary for Receptionists in Turkey is TRY 77,316.

You can work as a Dishwasher in Turkey without any substantial experience. The employers do not usually set up any requirements for this job. However, you must be able to work quickly if you are looking to work as a Dishwasher in the food industry. Although you can also work in homes in that role, the pays in the food industry are much higher comparatively.

The top restaurants in Turkey requiring Dishwashers include Gulhane Sark Sofrasi, Rainbow Fish & Meat Restaurant, Istanbul Anatolian Cuisine, etc. The average annual salary for a dishwasher in Turkey is TRY 52,233.

A Kitchen Helper is required to complete various tasks in the services industry that are in the jurisdiction of the kitchen. These can include chopping, cleaning, dishwashing, food handling, etc. This does not require any education or degree. However, you must have adequate skills to handle the kitchen to be eligible for this job. Kitchen Helpers are mostly required in restaurants and hotels.

The hotels that may require Kitchen Helpers include Istanbul Anatolian Cuisine, Seki Restaurant, Platoda Mola, etc. The average annual salary for a Kitchen Helper in Turkey is TRY 59,362.

The Turkish tourism industry is one of the largest in the world. Due to this, there are various jobs in the hotel industry. If you don’t have any previous experience, you can work as a Room Attendant in hotels. The job of a Room Attendant is to maintain the cleanliness of guest rooms and perform sanitation measures. Some hotels may require good English communication skills to interact with foreigners.

Some of the Turkish hotels requiring Room Attendants include Titanic Mardan Palace, Romance Istanbul Hotel, Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus, etc. The annual average salary for Room Attendants in Turkey is TRY 82,075.

You can work as a Data Entry Clerk in Turkey without any experience. For this, no degree requirements are in place. However, the candidates must know how to work on the computer. They must also be familiar with data entry platforms like Excel Sheets to be eligible for the job. Different companies in Turkey hire Data Entry Clerks.

These companies include Aidey, CMC Turkey, Asberg Group Call Center Services, etc. The average yearly salary for Data Entry Clerks in Turkey is estimated at TRY 48,920.


This was a list of the top jobs in Turkey without experience. Follow the website for more such articles!

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