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Jobs in Qatar With Qualifications and Average Salaries 2023

Qatari Jobs 2023 for International Workers – Get ready to begin your professional career in Qatar under the various exciting professions offering high-scale salaries and unlimited benefits. Working in Qatar in different sectors under the supervision of experienced and skilled people opens new doors to many career opportunities and personal growth.

So, if you are an international applicant interested in moving abroad in search of well-paid & productive jobs, Qatar should be the country to opt for, in my personal opinion. Multiple Qatari industries, hotels, universities, and aviation companies are operating here, looking for skilled international candidates to fill the available open vacancies.

Let’s Check Out Available Qatari Jobs in Different Fields:

In my struggling days when my current job was not worthy enough to bear my expenses, I started searching for job opportunities overseas. During this whole process, I found many vacant posts in Qatar covering health benefits and other expenditures, with residential facilities. Hence, coming to Qatar for job purposes was still one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.

1# Jobs in Qatar Hotels:

Working in the Hotel industry brings a lot of responsibilities on one shoulder, as it is all about providing good services to the guests coming here to enlighten their mood. If you want to offer your services and expertise in the hotel business, get ready to make QAR 11,400/ month as an Executive chef, QAR 1,800/ month as a dishwasher, QAR 2,308/ month as a receptionist, & QAR 8,000/ month as housekeeping agent. Interested ones can apply for jobs in several renowned hotels open in Qatar, like St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Gold Ocean Hotel, etc.

However, eligible applicants must also have taken courses about maintaining hygiene, good sanitary conditions, & the usage of kitchen & dishwashing tools for chef, housekeeping, and dish washer jobs. Meanwhile, effective verbal skills with English proficiency and a high school diploma is mandatory for receptionist position.

2# Aviation Jobs in Qatar:

In the aviation sector, one can work for different Qatari Airlines, Airports & numerous aviation companies, like Qatar Airways, Oman Airways, Thales Middle East, Doha International Airport, etc. Several golden opportunities are available in this field, where one can work as a pilot and earn QAR 3,275/ month, a cabin crew manager with QAR 4,450/ month salary, ticketing staff with QAR 3,521/ month income, & in-flight engineer with QAR 13,250/ month salary.

However, the academic qualifications and years of work experience required for each post are different. For instance, a pilot requires a secondary education certificate and placement tests clearance, a flight-in engineer needs a diploma or equivalent degree in Aircraft maintenance, knowledge of onboard services is needed for cabin crew manager, and experience in Vocational and Trade is mandatory for ticketing staff.

3# Labor Jobs Available in Qatar:

In the Labor Sector, various occupations are there, like Plumber, Mechanic, Heavy Machine Operator, delivery driver, etc. Under these professions, an individual can earn a handsome amount of salary, like QAR 2,500/ month as an efficient Plumber, QAR 5,000 to QAR 10,500 as an experienced mechanic, QAR 3,000/ month as Equipment Operator, & QAR 8,400/ month as a delivery motorist.

However, Wyndham Hotel Group, Rafeeq Al Darb Trading Company, Um Al Bawaki Construction company, Gulf Union Qatar., are the reputable Qatari companies offering these jobs with various perks.

Moreover, the required academic qualifications for the above-listed posts are; Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Plumbing & Heating for plumbing related jobs, a Diploma in Automobile or Diesel Mechanic for Mechanic positions, & a proper driving license with no criminal record for Heavy Machinery operator & delivery driver posts.

4# Engineering Job Opportunities in Qatar:

The engineering field and its worth are not new to anyone, as it has multiple sub-fields in which one can make a career and make a sufficient amount of money in less time. If you are willing to work as a competent engineer in Qatar, here are the companies looking for the desired candidates; SWIFT Trading & Contracting Companies, Siemens, Candidzone Technologies, Maxim Recruitment Limited, etc. In such companies, one can work as a Hydraulic Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical & technical engineer, & Infrastructure Engineer and earn around QAR 12k/ month, QAR 8,000/ month, QAR 13,500/ month, & QAR 18K/ month respectively.

Considering minimum educational requirements for the above-listed positions include a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the relevant field of engineering, with knowledge of water composite systems for Hydraulic Engineers & experience in construction for Infrastructure engineers. Moreover, know-how of HV & LV systems is necessary for Electrical engineers, with a minimum of 3 to 5 years of work experience. In the same way, Mechanical engineers must hold a BS degree in mechanical engineering with postgraduate experience of 5 to 10 years in Oil & gas related companies.

5# Healthcare Jobs in Qatar:

Next on our list is the healthcare sector, working day and night with passionate and dedicated nurses, physicians, pharmacists, surgeons, etc., to provide modern health facilities & advanced treatments to in and outpatients. Overseas applicants willing to serve the people of Qatar under this noble profession can apply for the such occupations and earn QAR 36,900/ month as a physician, QAR 19,700/ month as an experienced pharmacist, QAR 6117/ month as Registered Nurse, & QAR 41,500/ month as a qualified surgeon.

Interested overseas healthcare professionals can work in the hospital set-up, clinics, or medicinal companies, like First Response Healthcare, Care Nursing Services, Hamad Medical Corporation, etc. Meanwhile, academic requirements for a skilled surgeon to work in Qatar involve a Training completion certificate or equivalent degree in a specialized field. However, for physicians, a Bachelor’s degree in MBBS, and completion of a residency program of 3 to 6 years, with a USMLE certificate, is mandatory. Meanwhile, pharmacists need to get a Pharm-D degree with experience in Clinical settings, and nurses must hold a BS degree in nursing with a diploma in General Nursing Midwifery.

6# Jobs in Banking Sector in Qatar:

Lastly, we have Banking jobs in the private and government sectors, offering good salary packages with lifetime benefits to their employees. One can perform duties as an Accountant, HR manager, Office Assistant, Cashier, etc. Salaries will differ with the academic degrees and previous work experiences. Like, a well-qualified Accountant can make QAR 4675 in a month, the HR manager will get a chance to earn QAR 19,500/ month, QAR 3515 is the monthly income of an Office Assistant, & QAR 3174 per month as Cashier.

Meanwhile, interested applicants can find the suitable jobs at Doha Bank, Commercial Bank of Qatar, National Bank of Qatar, GTS Corporate, etc. On the other hand, educational requirements for banking jobs require a BS or MS degree in Accounting, Finance, and Economics to work as a cashier and accountant. However, working as an Office Assistant demands good communication skills, knowledge of MS office, a high school diploma in the relevant field, with 2 years of work experience. Similarly, HR managers must possess a BS or BA degree or Advanced diploma in Human Resource Management or Business Administration.

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