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Latest Canadian Jobs in 2023 – Settle in Canada

Highly Paid Jobs in Canada to Get Settled There

The highly paid fresh Canadian Jobs in 2023 in various departments of Canada is seeking applications of fresh grads or skilled professionals. It is going to be an ideal chance for international talented individuals to find jobs in Canada to get settled there. Canadian Job Opportunities are considered one of the highly paid career positions.

It is almost impossible to get a job in Canada without experience. Still, there are some industries in Canada where someone can apply for a job without any experience. Getting a job without experience is indeed very difficult but it is also true that experience always comes after doing a job.

Highly Paying jobs in Canada

Engineering is the most demanding and high-paying profession in Canada. Other jobs with good salaries include

  • Medical Jobs
  • IT jobs
  • Driver Jobs
  • Banking Jobs
  • 5 Star Hotel jobs
  • Media channel jobs

Required Qualifications to Work in Canada

The Canadian government and private sector offer many jobs for national and International applicants but it demands high education background according to the job standard. Canadian Engineering Companies demand a verified degree in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, or other Engineering. Similarly, Canadian Health Care demands MBBS Doctors, qualified nursing, or other staff; and Canadian Bank demands a Graduate Diploma in Banking.

Canadian Aviation companies demand a Valid Commercial pilot’s, license, a valid transport pilot’s license 20/20 vision either with glasses or naturally, and Knowledge about Safety Protocols. Canadian Machine Driver Companies demand a valid driving license. To work in Canadian Law firms, a valid and verified degree of LLB is required. Moreover, a bachelor’s degree from a recognized University, a Diploma of Notarial Law (D.D.N), and A master’s degree in Law with specialization and academic education background are also required to work in Canada.

Commercial Skills are also required to work in the Canadian Media Channels, 5 Star Hotels, and Insurance Companies. English language diploma will be compulsory for these jobs. Normally IELTS degree for the English language with 6 or 7 brands is required.

List of Latest Canadian Job Positions for 2023

You can get settled in Canada if you manage to secure a highly paid Canadian job opportunity there. A list of available Jobs in Canada is available here:

1# Canadian Engineering jobs

There are many Engineering jobs in Canada that demand no experience in work. This is good news for new graduate students who want to become professional Engineers. Some best companies of Engineering in Canada are following

  1. Aecon Group Inc.
  2. Ellisdon
  3. Bantrel
  4. GHD Group
  5. CIMA+
  6. EXP
  7. Worley
  8. Golder

The designations required for engineering jobs include

  • Drafter
  • Project Manager
  • Safety Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Junior Engineer
  • Engineering Technician
  • Mechanical Engineer

Jobs in every profession are available in Canada for new graduate medical students.

2# Canadian Healthcare sector jobs

There are many job opportunities for fresh graduates of medial in Canada. Many Doctors are moving to Canada to start their practice. Canada is proving jobs to foreigners in several fields of medicine. Famous jobs in the medical field in Canada are Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Physicians, and Management staff.

  • Canadian Doctor’s Jobs

Canada is also providing job opportunities to Doctors, who even don’t have any experience. Foreign Doctors must get a Registration Certificate from a medical college and verify their degree by a Medical School. Make sure to secure a license from the Medical Council of Canada. After that take one year of Medical Practice or Postgraduate Training, and also apply for Citizenship or permanent residency in Canada.

The salary of an inexperienced Doctor in Canada is $34,125 per year.

  • Canadian Nursing Jobs

If you want to work as a nurse in Canada, you need a nursing degree and an academic diploma. The applicant must stay in their home country during the Diploma assessment process, after which the applicant must be registered as a nurse in Canada. After completing this process, the applicant can get a work permit and try to get a job offer. Nursing jobs available in Canada are Nurse AIDE, Casual Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse, Nurse RN, Private care Nurse, or Response Centre Nurse.

The salary of a nurse without any experience in Canada starts from $51,671 per year.

  • Canadian Surgeon Jobs

To work as a Surgeon in Canada, the applicant must complete a degree of BM or MB(Bachelor of Medicine) and then BChir, ChB, or BS (Bachelor of Surgery). If you want to apply for a job in Canada as a Surgeon you have to pass an examination by the Medical Council of Canada. After passing the exam applicant will get a Medical license to work in Canada as a Surgeon. Jobs for surgeons available in Canada are Orthopedic Surgeon, General Surgeon, Pediatric Surgeon, Acute care Surgeon, and Plastic Surgeon.

The Salary of a Surgeon in Canada starts from $49,375 per year.

  • Canadian Physicians Jobs

To work as a Physician in Canada, the applicant should have a bachelor’s degree and one year of study at the University in Premedicine. Applicants must graduate from medical school and complete two or three years of training as a family medicine residency to apply for a job as a physician in Canada. The Canadian Physicians’ jobs would be Family Physician, Palliative Care Physician, Public Health Physician, Physician Recruitment, Emergency Medicine Physician, or REI Physician.

The entry-level salary of a physician in Canada is $81,825 per year.

  • Canadian Health-care Management staff

Management plays a very important role in every field. Jobs in health care management are also available for beginners in Canada. If International applicants want to work in the management of the medical field, a University degree or a diploma from medical college is required. Jobs in the management field of medicine are Healthcare Administration Officer, Administrative Support IV, Medical Administrative Special Instructor, Coordinator jobs, Health Information Specialist, Assistant Manager, and Customer Solutions, Manager.

The salary of health care management staff in Canada starts from $65,000 per year.

3# Canadian Cash & Carry Jobs

Canada offers many jobs in Cash and Carry. The most famous Cash and Carry Companies in Canada are following

  1. A1 Cash and Carry
  2. SKOR Casonnd Carry
  3. MVR Cash and Import
  4. Golden Supplier
  5. Objects of Desire Fashions Inc.
  6. Capital Food Service
  7. Sevy Import
  8. Wallace and Carry LTD.
  9. Best way Cash N Carry
  10. TGP Warehouse Market

International applicants can apply to Cash and Carry companies for jobs in Canada. Salary in this field is approximately $14.58 per hour. Some designations with salary are mentioned below:

  • Dz Desiccated Driver takes $20 per hour.
  • Food Service Worker takes $20.20 per hour.
  • Kitchen Helper takes almost $17.81 per hour.

International Applicants can apply for Cash and Carry jobs in Canada through the website It is one of the most famous websites for jobs in Canada.

4# Canadian Banking jobs

If you want to start your career in Banking jobs in Canada, you need to complete a college diploma in business administration or a University degree in the field is required. Banks are also providing jobs to fresh graduates in Canada in the designations of Customer Care Advisor, Client Relationship Management, Custom Service Specialist, Financial Agent, and junior designer. The most famous Banks in Canada are providing job opportunities to fresh graduates include

  1. National Bank of Canada
  2. Toronto-Dominion Bank
  3. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  4. The Bank of Nova Scotia
  5. The Bank of Montreal

The entry-level salary of a Bank job is $31,200 per year.

  • The customer care Advisor takes a salary of $31,668 per year.
  • Client Relationship Management takes a minimum salary of $41,475 per year.
  • Financial Agents took a salary of a minimum of $52,500 per year.

It is very easy for International applicants to apply to Canadian Banks. First of all, the applicant opens the Home page of any bank in Canada selects an option of “Careers” or “Job Opportunities”, given on the page, and follows the given directions. Add all of your information correctly otherwise you may not be selected.

5# Canadian Government jobs (for fresh Graduates)

Canadian government jobs are available for international graduate students without any experience. There are different sectors of Canadian government jobs in which graduates can apply such as

  1. Jobs in Health Care
  2. Canadian Banking jobs
  3. Transport sector
  4. Teaching Sector
  5. IT sector

The Canadian government offers many jobs for International graduates without any experience in different fields such as

  • Postal Clerk
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Sheriff’s Officer
  • Teacher
  • Child and Youth Care Counsellor
  • Microsoft 365 and Cloud administration specialist
  • Support and Financial Services coordinated
  • Probation Officer
  • Lifeguard
  • Driver

Every designation in Canadian jobs contains a different salary. The average salary of a Canadian government worker is approximately $77,686 per year. Some salaries for different designations are mentioned below

  • Postal Clerk ttakes$22.24 per hour.
  • Maintenance assistants take $15.22 per hour.
  • Crossing Guards takes 16.19 per hour.

It is easy to apply for International applicants for Government jobs in Canada. Simply, Go to the official Canadian government website and search for the desired job according to your Academic qualifications, fill online application, and submit it to the Canadian government.

6# Canadian Aviation jobs

Canada offers different jobs in the Canadian Aviation field for international applicants without any experience. There are numerous Aviation lines in Canada

  1. Adlair Aviation
  2. Air Canada
  3. Air Canada Jetz
  4. Air spray
  5. Air Sprint
  6. Adler Aviation
  7. DAL Aviation

Canadian Aviation company demands workers for different purposes having no experience such as

  • Air Cargo Screener
  • Cargo Attendant
  • Cargo Officer Agent
  • Maintenance Training Instructor
  • Sheet Metal Technician
  • Flight Attendants
  • Aircraft Tow operator
  • Customer service support
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Chief Crew Scheduler

The average salary of a Canadian Aviation worker is approximately $45,500 per year without any experience. Salaries of some designations are following

  • The salary for Air Cargo Screener is approximately $15,83 per hour.
  • The average salary of a Flight Attendant with no experience is $48,568 per year.

International applicants can apply for Canadian Aviation jobs through online services. is the best website through which any applicant can apply online by giving basic information for the desired post.

7# Canadian IT jobs

There are many Canadian IT companies that offer different jobs for International applicants having no experience. The Top IT companies in Canada are following

  1. Constellation Software Inc.
  2. Open Text Corporation
  3. CGI Inc.
  4. Descartes Systems Group Inc.
  5. Shopify

Canadian IT companies demand people for different designations. International applicants having suitable qualifications can apply for a job in Canadian IT companies. Some available jobs in IT companies include

  • Computer Network Technician
  • System Administrator I
  • System Security Analyst
  • Information Technology Analyst
  • Junior System Administrator
  • IT Graduates Recruitment
  • IT Training Specialist
  • IT Developer
  • Salesforce junior Administrator
  • Army Reserves – Information System Technician

The minimum salary for IT Workers without any experience is $39,000 per year and the maximum salary is $69,416 per year.

  • The minimum salary of a Computer Network Technician is $28 per hour and the maximum is $35 per hour.
  • System Security Analyst takes $36.06 per hour.
  • IT Graduate Recruitment takes $73,970 to $89,970 per year.
  • Computer Technician (Intern) takes $18 to $20 per hour.

To apply to IT companies in Canada, first of all, International applicants need a signed letter from the employer of a Canadian IT company.

8# Canadian Machine Driver jobs

There are many companies in Canada that demand drivers in various fields such as Heavy Machines Drivers, Cab Drivers, Truck Drivers, Bus Drivers, and Courier Drivers. Top companies hiring Machine Drivers in Canada are following

  1. CSA
  2. eShipper
  3. N&N Logistics Inc.
  4. Mannat Transport Corp.
  5. Challenger Motor Freight Inc.

These companies offer many jobs to International applicants having no experience. Heavy machine drivers are in demand for several purposes. These jobs include

  • Heavy Truck Drivers
  • Material Truck Drivers
  • Crane Operator
  • Class 1 drivers
  • School bus drivers
  • Charter bus driver
  • Shuttle bus driver
  • Truck Driver
  • Courier Driver
  • WPG-Driver Helper
  • Transit bus Diver

Every designation of driver offers different salaries. The minimum salary of Canadian Machine Drivers starts from $18 per hour to $60 per hour. After gaining, experience workers demand more salary. Some salaries of Drivers having no experience in Canada include

  • The minimum salary of a Bus Driver is $18.3 per hour and the maximum is $31.28 per hour.
  • The minimum salary of a Crane driver is $20.2 per hour and the maximum is $45 per hour.
  • The average salary of a Courier driver is $21 to $33 per hour.

International applicants having no experience can apply for Canadian Machine Driver jobs through Foltz touching company.

9# Canadian Insurance jobs

International applicants can get a job in Canadian Insurance Companies. Many insurance companies in Canada offer different jobs for international applicants having no experience. Some Canadian Insurance companies are following

  1. Manu Life
  2. Sun Life Insurance
  3. Desjardins
  4. IA Financial Group
  5. Canada Life
  6. CIBC Insurance
  7. TD Insurance

Canadian Insurance Companies demand many workers work in the Insurance field. Some designations for Canadian Insurance jobs are given below

  • Personal Insurance Advisor
  • Personal Insurance Associate
  • Manager
  • Commercial Insurance Advisor
  • Insurance Processing Associate
  • Regional Insurance Agent
  • Insurance Broker
  • Claims Officer
  • Insurance Account Manager
  • Business Instructor

There are different salaries for different designations of international applicants having no experience working in Insurance companies. Normally salary starts from $40,000 per year to $60,000 per year.

Some salary offers in Canadian Insurance Companies are mentioned below

  • The minimum salary of a Regional Insurance Agent is $42,000 per year and the maximum salary is $55,000 per year.
  • Claims Officer takes 60,000 per year
  • Casual Bike Courier takes $16 per hour.
  • Laborer takes $19.51 per hour.

It is very easy to apply for jobs in Insurance companies in Canada online. First of all, make a CV and submit it online to the required Insurance Company for the desired post and wait for the response from the company.

10# Canadian Law jobs

Many Law firms are working in Canada. The top 5 biggest Canadian Law firms include

  1. Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
  2. Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  3. Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
  4. Fasken LLP
  5. Blake, Cassels, and Graydon LLP

These firms offer many jobs for International applicants having no experience. Jobs available in Law firms in Canada are

  • Legal Assistant
  • Lawyer
  • Associate Lawyer
  • Legal Assistant Opportunities
  • Legal Counsel
  • Legal Assistant – Estate litigation

The average salary in Canadian law jobs is approximately $31,300 to $80,000 per year. Different designations offer different salaries. Some jobs and their salaries are mentioned below

  • The Legal Assistant takes $46,184 per year.
  • The average salary of a Lawyer in Canada is $77,500 per year.

There is a proper way to apply for Canadian Law jobs. Follow the given directions to get a law job in Canada.

  1. Apply for an entry-level Law job.
  2. Update your CV
  3. Take temporary and contract Law roles.
  4. Submit an online application by adding basic information about the study.

11# Canadian Media Channel Jobs

Media plays a very important role to transfer information from one place to another. Many media channels are working in Canada. Most famous channels are following

  1. CTV
  2. BBC News Network
  3. CP24
  4. BNN Bloomberg
  5. ICI RDI
  6. City News Channel
  7. CH CH- DT
  8. Sun-News Network
  9. TVA
  10. CPAC

These channels demand many workers to manage the system. Canadian Media Channels offer many jobs for International Applicants having no experience in many fields such as

  • News Casters
  • Models
  • Actors
  • Social Media Disruptor
  • Audio Technician
  • Producer Video Camera Operator
  • Senior Reporter

The average salary of a worker in a Canadian Media Channel is $55,100 to $110,000 per year. It depends upon the designation of the worker.

  • The News Anchor takes almost $70,496 per year.
  • The Normal salary of a Model in Canada is approximately $45,540 per year.
  • The estimated salary of the Camera operator is $75,555 per year.

International applicants having no experience can apply for the Canadian Media Channel by the Website All the Advertisements about Canadian Channel’s jobs are on this website.

12# Canadian 5 Star Hotel Chain jobs

There are many 5 Star Hotels present in Canada. Many workers work in these Hotels for different purposes such as cleaning the rooms, Cooking, etc. These Hotels offer many jobs for International applicants having no experience in work. Some top-rated 5 Star Hotels in Canada are listed below

  1. BLU Hotel
  2. Blue Horizon Hotel
  3. Marriot
  4. Serena
  5. PC
  6. Moven pick
  7. M Montreal Hotel
  8. Hotel Le Soliet by Executive Hotels

Many workers are required to maintain 5 Star hotels. There are many designations required to do work in 5 Star hotels listed below

  • Steward
  • Waiters
  • Bell Attendant
  • Manager
  • Cook
  • Storekeeper
  • Security guard
  • Guestroom Attendant
  • Room cleaner

The minimum salary of a worker at 5 Star hotels is $35,500 per year and the maximum salary is approximately $44,500 per year. The salary may change from one designation to another. A room cleaner has the lowest salary as compared to Hotel Manager. Some designation salaries are written below

  • The average salary of a Hotel Manager is approximately $43,000 per year.
  • The estimated salary of the Security Guard is $39,455 per year.

International applicants can apply online at for desired posts. Submit an online application with an education background.

13# Canadian Fuel Station job

Canada is a well-developed country. It contains almost 11,908 gasoline Stations. Almost 96 distinct brands of gasoline are presented there. The top-rated Fuel Stations in Canada are listed below

  1. Petro-Canada
  2. Esso
  3. Shell
  4. Independent Tunning
  5. Husky
  6. Oil Changes
  7. Pioneer
  8. Ultramax
  9. XTR
  10. Circle K

There are 4 large companies from all over the world in Canada. These companies are listed below

  1. Imperial Oil Limited
  2. Parkland Dutch Shell PLC
  3. Royal Dutch Shell PLC
  4. Suncor Energy Inc.

Canadian Fuel Station offers many jobs for International applicants having no experience and gives handsome salaries to their workers. That is why everyone wants to go to Canada for Fuel Station jobs. Some designations of Fuel Stations in Canada are given below

  • Gas Station Attendant
  • Gas Station Manager
  • Cashier
  • Gas Station Supervisor
  • Retail Store Supervisor
  • Gas Station RCA
  • Pump Technician
  • Commercial Gas Engineer
  • Security Guard
  • Drivers

The estimated salary for international Fuel Station workers in Canada without any experience is approximately $29,250 per year. The range of salary of Fuel Station workers is different according to their work. Some jobs with their salaries are mentioned below

  • The estimated salary of a Gas station Attendant is $28,470 per year in Canada.
  • The salary of a Security Guard at a Gas station is $32,195 per year in Canada.
  • The salary of a Cashier at a Fuel station in Canada is $14.16 per hour.

International applicants can get jobs at Fuel Station in Canada through International Recruitment Agencies.

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