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Lufthansa Airlines Jobs 2023 | Application Process & Vacancies

As per my research Lufthansa is the largest airline in Germany and upon including its subsidiary companies it actually becomes the largest airline in Europe whereas, Luftansa’s aircraft fleet is of the largest size capable of carrying largest number of passengers.

Why Work for Lufthansa Airline?

As per my recommendation if you apply for a job position at Lufthansa and manage to get recruited then it can term out to be a lifetime stable and high-paying opportunity for you for sure. It is also worth mentioning that Lufthansa is one of the leading European airline as it guarantees its employees a proper work environment with high salaries while strictly following economic and strategic requirements, plus passenger safety, travel quality, and R&D innovations.

Salary Packages at Lufthansa:

Lufthansa airline issues lucrative salaries with a long list of allowance packages to its employees meeting international standard employee rights. For example the basic salary package for a flight attendant at Lufthansa is around US$42,000 per year, which after some time gets a raise of up to $50,000 per annum. From time to time recruits at Lufthansa airlines also benefit from getting enrolled in the courses offered by Luthansa and for example when additional courses enrollment for flight attendants kicks in, the per annum salary gets a further raise of up to US$1,250 respectively.

Benefits and Allowances:

Employees of Lufthansa airline not only get a standard salary but also receive allowances that for example are 18-30 days annual leave, salary bonus of around $511, health, sickness and travel insurance, discounts on hotels/air-tickets or miles, car renting facilities, and Luthansa employee uniform. In the meantime, the family of Lufthansa airline employees would also get a reduction in flight fares, healthcare facility benefits, memberships of Luftansa clubs and sponsorship for utility expenses.

Which Countries Lufthansa Airlines Operates in?

Lufthansa airlines operate extensively within Latin America/North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa as well as in Europe and Germany; where it operates in 17 domestic and over 200+ international destinations in 73 different countries, since January 2023.

Jobs Available in Lufthansa with Required Qualification:

1# Cabin Crew Jobs at Lufthansa:

There are healthy chance of getting recruited as a cabin crew officer by Lufthansa airline because it is the largest European airline company which is flying to over 200+ destinations; henceforth, it needs a big amount of staff for its smooth operations. For the cabin crew job position at Lufthansa, applicant must have atleast high school certification whereas age must be over 18, whereas, proficiency in English or German language is mandatory.

The cabin crew job post applicant’s height range should be between 1.60-1.95 meters and there must be no apparent piercings, dental jewelry, or tattoos on body areas that are publically visible. Candidate must be good at swimming i.e. able to swim for 15 minutes and cover at least the distance of 200 meters to stand eligible for a cabin crew position at Lufthansa and the eyesight test report must be between +/- 5 diopters.

The cabin crew staff of Lufthansa earns an average salary of around US$35-45k per annum and entails qualities like being sociable, friendly, active, independent, highly service-oriented, team-capable, and dedicated to work.

2# Captain or Trainee pilot Jobs at Lufthansa:

If you hold 1200+ flying hours worth of experience in European.British/American regions then you may stand eligible to apply for captain jobs in Lufthansa airlines in 2023 and the job applicant for the position of captain at Luftansa must also have valid EASA Pilot Licence, CPL (A), ATPL (A), and a class 1 medical exam cleared. Lufthansa also hires international pilots (Non-EU citizens) for flying their Boeing aircraft which means if you are not a citizen of a European country then you can still apply for a pilot job at Lufthansa airline. Lufthansa airline also hires trainee pilots and trains them as per their standards in their own flying schools and a recruit for the position of trainee pilot needs to fulfill all the academic and medical requirements needed for that position.

3# Ground Crew Staff Job Positions at Lufthansa:

There are various positions that come under the ground crew staff label at Lufthansa airline and these positions are powerplant/airframe operators, baggage handlers, gate pass agents, rampers for marshaling aircraft, avionics professionals, passenger service/ticketing staff, and flight dispatchers. For the ground crew positions at Lufthansa airlines, the applicant must clear the eligibility requirements for the specific job post and be an energetic/self-motivated individual who should work smoothly and economically handle flight operations.

How to Apply for Jobs at Lufthansa Airlines in 2023?

It is easy to apply for a high paying job offered at Lufthansa HR portal where each of their open job’s eligibility standards are already mentioned with required application documents (Such as Resume (CV), Cover Letter, Academic Degrees/scores, experience letters), and necessary medical clearance and certifications. I’m also going to give you an idea on how you can submit an application for any job at Lufthansa airline, appear for an interview, wait for their due diligence completion, receive a job offer letter, and start working there:

First Submit an Online Job Application:

Firstly, an applicant needs to gather required documents for a Lufthansa job application and then the next step would be to create a candidature profile on an online application portal of Lufthansa, fill it out, attach documents, submit application, and then wait for their assessment and interview call.

Appear for a Job Interview at Lufthansa:

Shortlisted candidates for jobs at Lufthansa will then be informed of their scheduled job interview dates (interview will be conducted in Frankfurt), and this is when i recommend applicants to start preparing for the job interview and mastering skills and keep in mind this job interview might be conducted either in English or in German language.

Receive Lufthansa HR Decision of Selection/Rejection:

After your job interview at Lufthansa, you might be holding onto your nerves about your selection or rejection for the job but the good news is that the applicants would soon be informed about their final decision by HR department of Lufthansa, so if you get selected then you would be given a date to start your job; but if you are not a EU citizen then the next step for you would be to apply for a European/Schengen Work Permit to legally enter Europe to start working for Lufthansa airlines.

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