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Romania Jobs 2023 for International Applicants – Submit Resume (CV)

International applicants holding Bachelor or Masters degree or Advanced diplomas in relevant fields have a golden chance to change their fate and apply for well-reputed jobs in Romania which are open for recruitment in Banking, Aviation, Teaching, Freelancing, and Logistics companies, etc.

Indeed, getting employment in Romania’s best companies will give your life a new turn and a chance to earn a large amount of money in less time. Please keep in mind to also apply for European work VISA after receiving a job offer letter from Romania and then gather all VISA documents and finally apply for a work permit at Romanian embassy and therefore, i wrote this article to help you out in providing you best career options in Romania in 2023:

Jobs Open in Romania for Eligible Overseas Applicants:

If you have the potential to do something extraordinary with your life, then without wasting a minute, grab a suitable job and take a flight to Romania to start your professional journey there for a better and brighter future.

1) Banking Jobs in Romania:

On number one we have Banking sector, where overseas bankers with experience and talent can apply for jobs at different designation jobs in Romania with good salaries such as for Business Development Manager offering RON 13,300/ month salary, Accountant job offering with RON 9,250/ month pay, HR Manager vacancy with RON 13,400/month salary package, etc. Meanwhile, these vacant job positions are available for recruitment at Alpha Bank, First Bank, Credit Europe Bank, etc., with lifetime benefits for their employees.

Interested bankers who want to join the banking industry of Romania as HR Managers must hold a BS degree in Human Resource Management, with 5 years of work experience in chain management and leading project designs. However, Accountants require a degree in accounting/ finance/ economics with 4 years of experience, knowledge of accounting software, MS usage, Romanian and English proficiency, etc. Lastly, Business Development Managers with leadership, business management, & customer service skills and a degree in business management are welcome to provide their expertise.

2) Hotel Jobs in Romania:

Each year dozens of people visit Romania to take a break from their hectic life due to busy working hours that results in a wide range of available employment posts for appealing yet presentable employees who can entertain the guests with their excellent services. So, if you are desperate to be a part of their teams, apply for jobs at Rin Grand Hotels, Elizeu Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, Marriott jobs etc. In all these Romanian Hotels you can serve as a Waiter for 2,660/month, hotel manager for RON 16,200/month, receptionist for 4,210/month, & Cook for 4,090/ month.

However, qualifications required to work as Receptionist include a diploma or equivalent degree in any field, strong communication skills, experience in front-office & IT systems, and a positive attitude. Meanwhile, cooks must have leadership & kitchen management skills, knowledge of cuisine, & 3 years of experience in 5-star hotels. Hotel Manager needs managerial skills & a diploma or BS degree in hotel management, but an MS degree in the relevant field will guarantee career progress. No specific degree for Waiters jobs in Romania, but knowledge of food, beverages, customer service, etc., is necessary.

3) Labor Jobs in Romania:

Labor Sector of Romania is quite famous for offering well-paid jobs to their employees with skills and talents, with no degree requirements in particular. Here, eligible overseas laborers can showcase their potential and work as Store Keeper, Freight Handlers, Heavy Truck Drivers, Security guards, etc., & earn RON 4,090/month, RON 2,890/month, RON 2,710/month, & RON 2,530/month, respectively.

Moreover, jobs are available at Citigroup, SC Blue River Bucuresti, Lactalis Romania, Royal Caribbean Group, etc. Meanwhile, heavy truck drivers must have a valid driving license, good Romanian & English-speaking skills, & digital tachograph.

However, security guards are bound to have licensed weapons, no criminal background, be honest and punctual, with no drug/alcohol addiction. Freight Handlers must have middle education or secondary school certificate, knowledge of customer market, experience in international freighting, and a valid work permit. And Store Keepers must be organized, professional, experts in MS office, with high school diploma or equivalent education.

4) University Jobs in Romania:

No wonder teaching is another reputable field in Romania that offers high salaries, exciting benefits, & a chance to learn something new every day. If you hold the same passion and want to join Romanian universities for teaching, apply for vacant posts at Bucharest University, Transylvania University, West University of Timisoara, etc. Such universities have positions open for Assistant Director with RON 5,490/month, Lecturer with RON 11,800/month, Assistant Professor with RON 12,600/month, etc.

Considering the required qualification for these posts, Assistant Director must be interactive & approachable, with a BS degree, and good English & strong organizational skills. However, assistant professor job requires a Ph.D. degree with a few published works on Romania or relevant topics. Meanwhile, Lecturers with a Ph.D. degree, verbal skills & research articles are welcome to apply.

5) Engineering Jobs in Romania:

The engineering field is also on the rise in Romania, with hundreds of employment positions offered by AECOM, Estee Lauder, Siemens, Konecranes, etc. Being a professional engineer from an international country allows you to work here as a Civil engineer, Electrical Engineer, Automation Maintenance Engineer, Product Engineer, etc. Meanwhile, deserving engineers will get RON 8,070/month, RON 8,040/month, RON 6,970/month, & RON 8,360/month for respective posts.

Considering eligibility requirements for the above posts, interested individuals must abide by the prerequisites, like Civil engineers must have a BS/MS degree in Civil Engineering, CFDP, Hydro, 3 years of work experience, skills to work in Civil 3D/AutoCAD, etc. Electrical engineers need a university degree in electrical engineering, work experience, passion for electrical designs & technical knowledge, and team spirit.

Meanwhile, Automation Maintenance Engineer jobs call for a Bachelor’s degree in Automation, Electrical, or Control engineering, with experience in Automation, Control, Maintenance, etc. Similarly, Product Engineers must have critical thinking & problem skills, the ability to work on tactical & strategic projects with a BSEE degree.

6) Aviation Jobs in Romania:

Last, we have jobs in aviation sector, where cadet pilots, ticketing staff, flight attendants, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, etc., can work on high pay scale and earn per month salary of RON 14,800/month, RON 4,840/month, RON 5,980/month, & RON 9,320/month, respectively. However, aviation companies, airports, & Romanian airlines, like Wizz Air, Ryanair, and GE Aviation are currently hiring international talent for such posts.

If you want to work as a Cadet Pilot in Romania, you must have a Class 1 EASA Medical Certificate, a Multi-crew cooperation course, 200 hours of flying experience, EASA ATPL, etc. However, flight attendants with a high school degree, English fluency, valid passport, clear medical history, & verbal skills are preferred. Ticket Agents with a college degree in business and training in computer system & work management are eligible. In the meantime, a diploma or specialized degree in aviation and aircraft engineering & T level in Manufacturing, control, & engineering is appreciable for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

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