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International PAID-INTERNSHIPS for Students in 2023

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Final year students or final semester students can now apply for the highly paid international internships available for applications during 2022-2023. IELTS is not needed to apply for international internships.

The last two years have been very problematic for everyone around the globe and it affected the academic/work routine of millions of people. Companies are now offering many attractive internship and job opportunities globally as the labor market continues to grow.

These International internships will allow you great exposure to immensely talented people. You can learn about the future opportunities awaiting you, along with the priceless exposure there. These companies’ high pay also helps you pay your bills like an adult. You can throw a party for your friends. It can help you pay your high-school fee along with loads of experience.

So let’s know what those companies are and what they offer.

In this article, we will be telling you about the 30 highest-paid internships globally. These internships are hard to land. They provide you to gain priceless experience along with tremendously high pay.

Highest Paid Global Internships for Final Year Students

The list of highest-paid global internships is as follows. Each listing has comprehensive information about the pay and perks they provide to their interns. It will also provide complete information about what subject students they accept for their internship program and the company’s area of expertise.

The list will provide information for internships from the highest to the lowest paid.

  1. Roblox
  2. Uber
  3. Capital One
  4. Salesforce
  6. Meta
  7. Amazon
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Hubspot
  10. Expedia Group
  11. Microsoft
  12. Oracle
  13. Bain & Company
  14. Deutsche Bank
  15. Intuit
  16. Apple
  17. Susquehanna Interntional Group (SIG)
  18. Black Rock
  19. eBay
  20. J.P Morgan
  21. Citi bank
  22. PayPal
  23. Palo Alto Networks
  24. American Express
  25. Tesla Internship Program
  26. Google
  27. CERN short-term Internship
  28. OECD Internship
  29. ADB Internship
  30. Schneider Electric

List of Highest Paid Global Internships

Following is the list of all internships available to final semester students throughout the world:

1# Roblox Internships

Roblox is an online game platform with a supportive environment. The workers are encouraged to do work efficiently, and it is said to offer big paychecks to new grads. It has the highest pay, $9,600/ month, among all the companies providing internships.

One of the internees said, “Everyone here in Roblox is extremely intelligent, professional, and driven to further company goals. Many of the employees helped mentor me even though it was never asked for.”

2# Uber Internships

Uber is the second highest-paying internship platform for undergraduates. One of the great things about uber is it is not limited to one field. People from various areas can join Uber for Internships and jobs. 

Currently, they are offering Engineering Internship Program, MBA Internship Program, and Emerging Product Leaders Program. They pay $8,333/month, which is very beneficial for people across the globe. 

3# Capital One Internships

Capital one bank is one of the top-rated banks around the world. This bank provides the 3rd highest pay, $8,333/month, among the other internship programs. Capital One deals with zero error capacity and helps you learn about real-world finance and banking projects.

They offer a 10-week internship program. After learning from this platform, you will be able to solve financial issues real fast. They provide you with other perks such as lunch, coffee, and others.

4# Salesforce Internships

Salesforce is a company based in San Francisco, California. It is the 10th-best place to work. Many students love to get internships and jobs here because of the perks and the pay. They pay $8,167/month, providing you with great experiences in Tech and MBA-related programs. Some of the perks of working there, as written on their website, are:

  1. Strong network
  2. Good pay
  3. It gives interns seven days of paid volunteer time off(VTO) to devote to causes in which they believe.
  4. Exposure to senior leaders
  5. Fun time along with learning

5# NVIDIA Internships

NVIDIA is a tech company that works for video game chips. It is best known for its work in graphics. They provide summer internships to students and virtual internships to students across the globe in tech and software engineering subjects. They pay $8,000/month perfect amount to their internees and employees.

According to recent rankings, NVIDIA Interns Program was ranked no.1 for internships. It shows that the working space has a lot for their internees.

6# Meta Internships

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp, provides several benefits. It includes your housing assistance and other benefits that attract students to internships.

Interns are usually required to write codes and other software projects. It gives the students an advantage to learn in Tech and Software engineering projects through the skilled staff. They pay $8,000/month for the better encouragement of students.

7# Amazon Internships

Amazon is now a worldwide program that provides internships to students across the United States, Canada, and other countries. The internship is offered from time to time to students for $8,000/month to their enlisted candidates. It enhances the technical and leadership skills of the students by providing a skillful environment. 

8# LinkedIn Internships

LinkedIn is one of the favorite places for students to do internships. They pay a good salary that is $7,500/month. They not only provide you with good paychecks but also provide other perks. These perks include relocation benefits, paid company holidays, free food and beverages, and social and professional development activities. 

9# Hubspot Internships

Hubspot internships usually begin in June, but their registration is way before. You can enjoy and learn many things by doing internships in this company. The best thing about Hubspot is that this company offers various training options. The staff is cooperative, and the learning experience is worth it. They offer internships in Tech, People Operations, Marketing, and Software Engineering subjects for $7,500/month.

10# Expedia Group Internships

It is a good internship program that pays $7,500/month.  It is a booking site that provides accelerated career development in Tech, Finance, Software Engineering, Data Science, and Product Management. Many people have praised the friendly environment and good work-life balance there.

11# Microsoft Internships

Microsoft has been the world’s famous and leading business. Microsoft provides its paid internships in various countries across the globe. It has multiple benefits, among which a reasonable pay of $7,366/month and a good office environment make it stand out.

Microsoft also provides relocation benefits to students from other countries to work here.

12# Oracle Internships

Oracle Corporation is a computer software company that provides business software to people. The culture in Oracle was fantastic for an intern who was new to the company culture. Says a former internee at Oracle corporation.

The environment of Oracle is more like a serious one, and everyone is eager to gain knowledge and provide their best to the clients with a $7,250/month payout. They provide internships to help students ace their sales, engineering, and consulting careers.

13# Bain & Company Internships

This company provides one of the best internships in Boston with a $7,125/month payout. They launch their summer internships every year. It also offers internships in Australia, Brazil, Chine, Germany, and other parts of the world.

14# Deutsche Bank Internships

Deutsche Bank is one of the most famous German banking companies. It offers internships yearly to students in their senior year for $7,083/month.

They provide internees with many networking opportunities, and the competitive environment makes them strive for more and more knowledge.

15# Intuit Internships

Intuit company provides internees with full-time jobs type of duty for $7,000/month. It has other perks, including a campus gym, paid holidays, free snacks, and much more. One of the best things motivating internees is the prized internship. The internee whose performance is the best will wins a prize from the company.

16# Apple Internships

Apple is a multinational company that everyone knows. They offer $7000 monthly to provide summer internships for students to learn about practical technology. This program offers experiences and lets you work on critical, real-world programs.

Apple provides internships worldwide in product design, hardware development, software engineering, and more.

17# Susquehanna International Group Internships

Susquehanna International Group is a trading firm that provides internships for students with a salary of $7,000/month. One of its advantages is not only working experience, but it also provides you with a classroom experience. It includes work with trading, technology, operations, and private equity teams.

18# BlackRock Internships

Black Rock is a top-class company that helps people with their investments. The company offers summer internships yearly and provides the internees with the best working experience, paying $6,917/month.

19# eBay Internships

eBay offers an excellent environment for jobs and internships for a $6,833/month salary. It provides training for college students and recently graduated students. The company makes students learn and know about their future goals and skills. It helps in shaping them as better people.

If you perform well, they provide you with a job at their own company so that you can enjoy all the perks and company by becoming a permanent member of their community. “I chose to return to eBay full-time after completing a summer internship. For twelve weeks, I worked alongside Finance leaders in corporate FP&A, which provided me with a one-of-a-kind learning experience. I demonstrated eBay’s investment in developing new talent–making my decision to return very easy”. Says an internee.

20# J.P Morgan Internships

It provides internships in various fields and different countries. The major countries where they provide training are the USA, Australia, India, China, etc. J.P Morgan offers internships in finance, Risk analysis, Marketing, Banking, Tech, Corporate research, and software Engineering. Their payout is $6,667/month. 

21# Citi Bank Internships

Citi bank is a very famous bank that offers various internships to college and other students,

It provides internships with the best workers in the company. Internees get best-on-the-job training and exposure to people with a $6,667/month salary.

22# PayPal Internships

Paypal provides a 12-week internship program for undergraduate and graduate students. Their estimated amount is $6,667/month for tech-based students. It helps them in learning through real-world work experiences.

These internships offer paid housing, relocation assistance, employee discounts, and employee discounts. 

23# PaloAlto Internships

Palo Alto Networks is a security company. It works to prevent cyber breaches. It also helps students learn through a practical approach. The total pay for an Intern at Palo Alto Networks is $6,667/month and $119,116 per year.

24# American Express Internships

American Express is a travel website. It helps internees learn more about real-world responsibilities, mentorships, and other things. It provides 10-week summer internships in various countries with a salary of $6,500/month.

25# Tesla Internship Program Internships

It is hard to have an internship at a tesla company as it has a very high standard for hiring. It provides summer internships to students of various subjects, paying them $6,500/month. The environment helps you learn quickly, efficiently, and perfectly.

“Tesla internships are exceptional because they treat you as a full‑time employee for three months. I felt empowered to make a change.” say one internee at Tesla.

26# Google Internships

Google offers very interesting and best opportunities for students to learn. The internships are provided almost in every country of the world. Usually, they pay $5,800 monthly to their internees on average. Tech and software engineer interns can make up to $6,700 per month.

27# CERN Short-Term Internship Program

CERN has a competitive environment for internships. It helps you in gaining knowledge and learning eagerly. They offer paid internships for Ph.D., Nursing, and doctorate programs stipending 1,516 Swiss Francs to the candidate. At the end of the internship programme, CERN also gives a Traineeship agreement to their candidate. 

28# OECD Internships

It provides summer internship programs. OECD internships are significant for learning skills through knowledgeable and skillful staff. Students for the OECD Internship Program will not receive a salary. They provide a monthly contribution to living expenses of around 700 euros. If they select you for an internship, OECD staff will assist you in obtaining a Visa. 

29# ADB Internships

The Asian development bank is among the famous banks that provide internships to graduated students with excellent salary packages and other perks. They pay stipends to the interns following their location. The estimated salary for Asian Development Bank is $63,721 per year.

30# Schneider Electric Internships

Schneider Electric is a French multinational company providing engineering internships to students to polish their skills. They prefer mechanical and electrical engineers to offer apprenticeships. The Schneider Electric provide intern salary $20,000 – $26,499 11% of jobs.

Start Your Internship Today!

These are some of the Best 30 Highest-Paid Internships offered across the globe. Internships are beneficial for students to gain knowledge and other information for the new graduates. You may decide what company you want to do training in according to your expertise.

Bisma Farooq

Bisma is a top financial aid advisor at top-ranked colleges across the country and we have her here on our guest authors list. She writes on academic topics, available opportunities, and their application procedures. She holds a master's degree in medical sciences.

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