Scholarships Open for Applications Today!

Scholarship Name Country DeadLine Links

European Paid Volunteer-ship Positions in 2022 – IELTS Not Needed

Europe Always Open Apply

Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarships (QECS) 2022 Open for Online Applications

United_Kingdom (UK) July 10, 2022 Apply

Scholarships for Ugandan Students Without IELTS in 2022- Free Admissions

Multiple Locations Always Open Apply

Malaysian Government Scholarships 2022 Without IELTS – Study for free in Malaysia

Malaysia June 15, 2022 Apply

Switzerland Scholarships With IELTS Exemption for 2022 Intake – Study for free in Swiss Universities

Switzerland Always Open Apply

Saudi Arabia KSA Scholarships of 2022 Open for Admission Applications Online

Saudi Arabia Always Open Apply

2022 Summer internships in CANADA Without IELTS – Canadian Career Options

Canada Always Open Apply

British Scholarships With IELTS Exemption in 2022 – UK Admissions

United_Kingdom (UK) Always Open Apply

University of Science & Technology (UST) South Korea Scholarships in 2022

South Korea Always Open Apply

National University of Singapore (NUS) Scholarships in 2022 – Study for free in Singapore

Singapore October 1, 2022 Apply

New Zealand Scholarships in 2022: Study for free in New Zealand!

New Zealand Always Open Apply

Lancaster University Scholarships in 2022 – Study for free in England

United_Kingdom (UK) Always Open Apply

Sheffield University Scholarships in 2022 – Submit an Application

United States (US) Always Open Apply

Study in Canadian Universities Without IELTS in 2022 – Admissions Open!

Canada Always Open Apply

26 Schengen Countries Scholarships in 2022 – Study free in 26 European Countries Without IELTS

Europe Always Open Apply

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