Letter of Motivation

Stunning Motivation Letter for Scholarship Applications with Sample

Letter of Motivation for Admissions and Scholarship Applications

A motivation letter is an academic document of demonstrating interest in an academic course; backed up by motivational reasonings, and academic records. The letter of motivation is mostly written for admission or scholarship applications into Colleges and Universities.

One of the most basic and essential documents required while applying for a scholarship at a reputable and well-known college is a motivation letter. This document is required along with the scholarship application form. But composing an impressive and impactful motivation letter can be problematic in some cases. So here is our guide to writing an arresting motivation letter that promises to get you through the first step in the selection procedure of the Scholarship.

What is a Motivation Letter?

A motivation letter is actually an academic letter written by the interested candidate to the scholarship panel, explaining to them the reasons which led the candidate to the decision of applying to that particular college. It is a letter in which the candidates describe in detail their inclined interest in a scholarship.

Importance of Motivation Letter:

The motivation letter is usually required by top-ranked universities for evaluating scholarship applications. These colleges or universities receive thousands of applications every year and the competition is hectic among the candidates. In these circumstances, to select the deserving candidates, the scholarship panel asks for the letter of motivation for evaluation; in order to make the decision rightful. That is why your motivation letter should excel from all ends, as it can either get you through or leave you nowhere.

The motivation letter will provide the first glimpse of you in front of the scholarship committee. It reflects your character, educational record, goals, and ambitions. Therefore, the letter of motivation for scholarship application should be composed very carefully written and should not be taken lightly, or it will lose you the ticket to your dream college.

3 Steps to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application:

Coming to the main part of this article, the composition of the motivation letter. This part is sometimes misunderstood as cover letter writing. But here you will be provided with the main points to focus on while writing the perfect motivation letter. The motivation letter must be divided into three main parts:

  • Introduction Paragraph:

First of all, put your contact number at the top of the page. Then mention your full name, address, school, high school, other educational institutions, qualifications, and skills. Then mention any other part-time jobs or volunteering that you’ve been a part of. Also, mention the reason behind you applying to that particular college and why you chose this program.

  •  Paragraph:

The paragraph should comprise in detail all about your previous academic record. It should highlight your extra-curricular activities, participation, extra working hours, jobs, volunteering, any campaigns that you’ve been a part of. These points will enhance your motivation letter and make it more impactful.

The other paragraphs should contain the reasons behind choosing the programme and the college. These paragraphs are the most important as they may decide your selection. In these paragraphs, try to explain to the panel how passionate you are about the field of study and how you will prove to be favorable for that college in the future. There are thousands of candidates who may apply for the same field therefore, your indulgence and devotion towards this field will prove to be fruitful for this motivation letter. 

  • Conclusion Paragraph:

The ending is basically a synopsis of the motivation letter. Use power words in this paragraph to explain your devotion towards the field and lastly express thankfulness towards the scholarship panel.

Pro Tips for Writing a Letter of Motivation

  • Show yourself as career-oriented:

The motivation letter should depict that you are a career-oriented student, who is passionate and devoted towards the chosen academic field and knows what you’re doing. The motivation letter should give an impression that this scholarship will be beneficial for both the candidate and the college. 

  • Formal language:

Make sure to use formal language and avoid slang or informal words in your letter of motivation, as this academic letter will portray the first glimpse of your character towards the scholarship committee.

  • Rational confabulation:

This letter of motivation is based on argumentation about how you are better than the rest of the candidates. The argument should not seem to be violent or emotional but logical as this will be the basis for checking all the motivation letters. Try to sound as professional as you can.

  • Word Limit and Font:

The motivation letter should be of ideal length. Not too long, not too short. 500-1000 words are considered ideal for a motivation letter. Fonts that should be used are Arial, Courier New, Calibri, and Verdana. 11pt or 12pt font size works best for writing a motivation letter.

Letter of Motivation Sample:

My name is Liam James and I have pursued my Bachelor’s in Literature degree from ABC University. I have pursued my high school education from LMN High School. I am extremely passionate and devoted to English Literature and therefore, am determined to turn this passion into a career. I am applying for a scholarship in this prestigious university because I think that your Literature department will grant me immortal knowledge. 

I am the holder of a golden academic record up till now. My academic portfolio has always exhilarated people. Other than education, I have been active in other activities related to literature. I have been the president of a book club in high school. I have published two books on the genre of romance and thriller. One of them is available online. Other than this, I have the experience of working part-time as an article writer, my articles can be found on a portfolio website. I’ve had the privilege of leading the ‘Go Shakespearean’ campaign that promotes literature. I want to become an accomplished writer whose name becomes one of the most prominent names in the world of literature.

I hope my passion convinces you how eligible I am compared to the rest of the candidates and how well this scholarship can benefit both parties.

Bisma Farooq

Bisma is a top financial aid advisor at top-ranked colleges across the country and we have her here on our guest authors list. She writes on academic topics, available opportunities, and their application procedures. She holds a master's degree in medical sciences.

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