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Undergrad Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022: Get Enrolled

International Scholarships for Undergraduate Degrees

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Admissions are open for undergraduate programs globally for the class of 2022-2023 under Bachelor Degree Scholarships 2022 session. International students are now invited to apply for all or any of the below-listed Undergrad degree scholarships in 2022.

So if you are thinking that studying for a bachelor’s degree abroad is going to break the bank for you, you are mistaken. There are many bachelor scholarships available worldwide that help students decrease their financial burden to a substantial level.

Funding Benefits of Bachelor Degree Scholarships

The international applicants winning a bachelor degree scholarship anywhere in the world will start enjoying all or a few of the below listed academic benefits:

  • Stipend money paid monthly for living and food expense with residential facility
  • No cost, partial cost, or discounted education
  • Facility for logistics or funding for it
  • Access to University’s laboratories, library, and cafes
  • Student’s are covered with sickness insurance as well

Bachelor Degree Scholarships Without IELTS

Most of the countries offer undergraduate scholarships with IELTS exemption. Some of the notable bachelor degree scholarships without IELTS are CSC Scholarships from China, Turkey Government Scholarships, MEXT Scholarships, and some Korean Scholarships as well.

Whereas, most of the Western and European Universities demand IELTS for admissions into undergrad degree programs. But if an applicant holds an IELTS alternative certificate then that applicant can obtain an IELTS exemption for a BS scholarship application.

Acceptable IELTS alternative certificates for admission into BS, Undergrad, or bachelor degree programs are;

  • PTE
  • Cambridge University English Language Certs
  • Duolingo test certs

Scholarships are given on the basis of an applicant’s academic competence, financial need, and/or level of performance on the entry tests. It is absolutely a myth that scholarships are only granted to students who perform extraordinarily in academics. On the contrary, many scholarships are given on the basis of applicants’ financial needs, performance in sports, extra-curricular, etc.

Fully-funded Undergraduate Scholarships in 2022:

In this article, we have covered a number of bachelor’s degree scholarships that are available all over the world for students at the undergraduate level. These scholarships are stated below:

#1 Nanjing University Undergrad Scholarships for undergrad:

Jiangsu government of China is offering undergraduate scholarships to international students studying in all the subject areas. These scholarships are available to only international students. The scholarship recipients will get a tuition fee waiver between 10,000 CNY to 40,000 CNY, monthly stipends, free accommodation, and literature funding expenses. The Nanjing University scholarship money will be available for the whole duration of the recipient’s study program.

#2 Friedrich Ebert Undergrad Scholarship Awards for undergrad:

The Friedrich Ebert scholarships are available in Germany at the under and postgraduate levels. These scholarships offer the following benefits:

  • A monthly stipend of 744 EUR.
  • 300 EUR as a study grant.
  • 71 EUR toward health insurance.
  • 155 EUR per month to those recipients who have dependent children.

In order to get this scholarship, the applicants have to showcase an interest in socio-politics.

#3 University of Western Australia Scholarships for undergrad:

The Global Excellence Scholarships are available at the University of Western Australia to students who want to study an under or postgraduate program at the university. There is a list of under and postgraduate programs to choose from which are affiliated with this scholarship. Students from a number of countries can apply.

Undergraduate students can get a tuition fee discount of up to 48,000 AUD (given for the four years of study). Students at the master’s level will be eligible for a discount of up to 24,000 AUD spread over two years of their studies. Students will be scrutinized based on the Australian academic equivalency of their academic scores. 

This scholarship is available to the incoming cohort so there is no need to submit a separate application.

#4 Kaplan Business School Scholarship in Australia for undergrad:

Students who want to pursue an undergraduate program in Business Administration can apply for this scholarship. It is available to all local and international students who are pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or any other diploma program at the university. The scholarship recipients will be eligible for an amount of 12,000 AUD to 30,000 AUD. Students applying should have an impressive academic record as well as more than average language scores (if their first language is not English). If they are receiving any other scholarship from Kaplan, they are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

#5 Undergrad Scholarships at the University of East Anglia (UK):

The INTO UEA Newton Scholarships at the University of East Anglia are available to students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in any field of science at the university (except for medicine). The value of the scholarship is 5,000 GBP. This scholarship is only available to international students and the award will be given in the form of a tuition fee waiver.

#6 Victoria University of Wellington Scholarships for undergrad:

The Tongarewa scholarship at the Victoria University of Wellington is available to financially support international students. Students who are just entering the university in an under or postgraduate program will be eligible to apply. The recipients will be asked to work as ambassadors for the university as well as can be asked to participate in certain appropriate events. 

There are 10 scholarships available at the bachelor’s level, worth up to 10,000 NZD. On application, the scholarship recipients can also be given free of cost accommodation at the university campus.

#7 Scholarships by Canada Commonwealth Of Independent States (CIS):

Canada Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) scholarship is available at the Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology. Students at both bachelor’s and master’s levels can apply. There is no limitation of the subject areas so students from all the fields of study are eligible for the award. Successful applicants will be receiving 2,000 CAD during their study program. Stated below is the list of countries whose nationals can apply for the scholarship:

  • Czech Republic
  • Belarus
  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Albania
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Turkmenistan

#8 University of West London Scholarships for undergrad:

These scholarships at the University of West London are with the name International Ambassador Scholarships. Eligible applicants should be from a non-EU country and should be willing to act as goodwill ambassadors for the university. There are up to 100 scholarships available and all the recipients will get a 5,000 GBP discount on their tuition fees. 

Scholarships are available in all fields of study. Only those students who hold an offer letter from the university in any under or post-graduate program can apply.

#9 Drury University (USA) Scholarships for undergrad:

Three lucky students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate course offered at Drury University will get this scholarship. Both domestic and international students can apply. The value of the scholarship is a partial tuition fee waiver which is varied for each successful candidate.

#10 SAMK University of Applied Sciences Scholarships for undergrad:

Finnish Language Skills Scholarships at the SAMK University of Applied Sciences are open for international students. Students studying at any level of study in any subject area can apply so long as they are not a citizen of any EU country. 

The worth of the scholarship is a tuition fee waiver of 1,500 EUR to 3,000 EUR. 

#11 University of Sydney Scholarships for undergrad:

Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships available at the University of Sydney are available for master’s and bachelor’s students studying at the university. These degrees must be course-based and not research-based. Four types of awards are in this scholarship program:

  • 40,000 AUD is given per semester for one year (there are two semesters in a year)
  • 20,000 AUD is given for one semester.
  • 10,000 AUD is given for one semester.
  • 5,000 AUD is given for one semester.

Only international students can apply for this scholarship. The applicants must be high-standing students and should possess above-average intellect.

#12 USA International Endowed Scholarships for undergrad:

The USA International Endowed Scholarships are available to take up at the University of South Alabama to which all the international students can apply. These awards are for students at the undergraduate and master’s levels. Students from all fields of study can apply. The recipients will be awarded varied tuition fee waivers according to their intellect and expertise. 

To apply, students should have high enough CGPA/grades in their previous degrees/diplomas and should be enrolled in one of the university programs. 

#13 Griffith University Undergrad Scholarships for undergrad:

The Griffith Remarkable Scholarship is available at Griffith University in Australia. Students from countries other than Australia and New Zealand can apply. This scholarship is for bachelor’s and master’s students. The worth of it is a tuition fee waiver of 50% which will be awarded via a tuition fee discount (students will not be handed over the money in any case). Students must be in good academic standing and should have excellent language skills in order to secure the scholarship.

#14 USA BG Success International Scholarships for undergrad:

The Bowling Green State University is offering USA BG Success International Scholarships to its domestic and international students. The scholarship is for bachelor’s students who are studying in any subject area at the university. The worth of the scholarship is an award of 4,000 USD which will be given to the recipients for up to four years of their studies. Only freshman students can apply for this scholarship.

#15 University of Adelaide Undergrad Scholarships for undergrad:

All the international students at the University of Adelaide can apply to the Adelaide Global Academic Excellence Scholarships. These scholarships are given to those students at the bachelor’s level who have excellent academic records and who have a can-do attitude. The number of awards is two per subject area. Students from Australia and New Zealand are not eligible to apply. The value of the scholarship is a 50% tuition fee waiver for the whole duration of the program. The top two students in every faculty will be given the scholarship. Students do not have to submit a separate application.

#16 Undergrad Scholarships by the University of Bologna (Italy) for undergrad:

The study grants for international students are available at the University of Bologna in Italy. The scholarships are for students who have previously been taught in educational institutions outside of Italy (even if they have Italian citizenship). 

The first scholarship is for students in the first and single-cycle degree programs. They can get a scholarship of 11,000 EUR. The second scholarship for students at this level is a full tuition fee waiver for a year.

Students at the second-cycle degree programs will be eligible for similar awards. However, the number of awards in the second-cycle degree programs is much higher than the first and single-cycle degree programs.

#17 Chancellor’s awards at the Manchester Metropolitan University for undergrad:

The Manchester Metropolitan University is offering Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor Scholarships to students at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The following subject areas are affiliated with this scholarship:

  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Physiotherapy
  • Data Science
  • Exercise Science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital Marketing etc.

The selected lucky students will get an award of 6000 GBP to 8000 GBP for the first year of their studies. This scholarship is only available to students who are paying overseas or international tuition fees.

#18 Higher Education Undergrad Scholarships in Taiwan for undergrad:

These scholarships are funded by the Taiwanese government and are meant to support international students studying in Taiwanese universities. A number of higher educational institutions are affiliated with this scholarship program which is for students at all levels of study. Students belonging to the fields of humanities, science, social sciences, technology, engineering, medicine, public health, etc. can apply. It is a fully-funded scholarship that gives its recipients a full tuition fee waiver, housing, airfare, textbooks allowance, insurance, credit fee, etc.

#19 Bursaries at the University Canada West for undergrad:

This bursary is with the name, International Pathway to Knowledge and can be gained by international as well as domestic students. These students must be at the bachelor’s levels and should be studying in one of the following subject areas:

  • Arts
  • Commerce
  • Intercultural Business Communication

The recipients will be able to get a tuition fee waiver of up to 30 credits. The local students will get a waiver of 2,784 CAD which will be enough to cover their cost of education for the final year of their B.Com or BA degree programs.

#20 Merit-Based Scholarships at the Syracuse University USA for undergrad:

Students studying or interested in studying law at Syracuse University New York can apply to these scholarships. The award is for those bachelor’s level students who are studying in the College of law. The recipients will get a tuition fee discount as part of the scholarship. American citizens, permanent residents, and international students can apply as long as they have an impressive educational record. 

#21 Fairleigh Dickinson Undergrad Scholarships for undergrad:

The scholarship is available at the Farleigh Dickinson University in the USA. The grant is available to international students who are pursuing either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree at the university in any subject area. There are two kinds of scholarships available:

  • Col. Fairleigh S. Dickinson Scholarship gives out up 32,000 USD per year to its undergraduate students.
  • FDU International Scholarships gives a hefty sum of up to 27,000 USD to undergraduate students and up to 10,000 USD to graduate students.

Students will be selected based on their merit and their performance on test scores like that of aptitude, GRE, and GMAT. The scholarship gets renewed every year so the students have to maintain a good enough CGPA.

#22 Saint Augustine University Bachelor Scholarships for undergrad:

The bachelor’s level scholarships at the Saint Augustine University of USA are open for international students. Students with high grades in their high school are likely to get scholarships. The scholarship value is 5,000 GBP.

#23 Illinois Wesleyan Undergrad University Scholarships for undergrad:

There are two kinds of scholarships available at Illinois Wesleyan University. Both of these scholarships are for bachelor’s students:

  • Merit-based scholarships will award $16,000 to $30,000 every year and are renewable for up to four years.
  • President’s scholarships award a full tuition fee waiver to its recipients.

#24 Monash University Undergrad Scholarships in Australia for undergrad:

Dean’s scholarships at Monash University are available in the fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Students from selected countries can apply for these scholarships. Students will be awarded a tuition fee waiver of up to $24,000 for the whole duration of their study program ($6,000 a year).

#25 Turkey Government Undergrad Scholarships for undergrad:

Turkey government sponsors fully funded scholarships for undergraduate level international students to avail a chance to study for free in Turkish Universities. Consider checking out this Turkish bachelor’s degree scholarship.

Optional & Mandatory Documents for Scholarship Application Submission

This section jots down and explains the list of documents needed to be submitted along with a scholarship application. Some of these documents are the same ones that the universities or colleges asked you for while you were applying for admission.

Make sure to prepare the following listed Scholarship Application Documents in order to maximize your chances of selection for any scholarship program:

Optional & Mandatory Documents for Scholarship Application:

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