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Experience Certificates Definition, Samples, Template, Format, and Significance

-If you are recently applying for a new job or you have reached the end of your contract with a certain company, then you will need to be an owner of a certificate that states so. Such a certificate is called an Experience Certificate.

When applying for a new job you will surely be asked to hand in your experience certificate along with your CV.

So, the question now is, what exactly is an experience certificate?

Definition of an Experience Certificate:

Experience Certificate is an official formal written or typed document that certifies an individual’s employment under an organization or company. It is also known as a company experience certificate or a service certificate.

The certificates confirm the employee’s name, residence address, employee ID, duration of employment, pay package, and last designation. In addition to the personal and employment-related details, the certificate also mentions all the skills and knowledge the ex-employee had when they started the job.

The certificate also states the methods and skills the individual learned up to their end time. Moreover, the certificate also outlines the responsibilities and job roles that you had taken over. Some may also contain any additional remarks by the employer.

Many organizations demand an experience certificate when you are applying to join them, as an experience certificate is like an exit document that an employee needs at the time of leaving the organization.

What is the Significance of An Experience Certificate?

Mainly, an experience certificate acts as a proof for two things:

  1. Your employment
  2. Your CV details

A service certificate verifies your previous employment. It authenticates that you were working in a certain company or organization for a certain period under a certain position. An experience certificate states how valuable was your contribution to the organization. It identifies your past work experience and your expertise in the department you were employed in.

All the details an experience certificate holds act as evidence to confirm all your details mentioned on your CV or resume. It is essentially proof of your work experience.

An additional importance of an experience certificate is since the certificate mentions your pay package, it can help you get ampler pay. As a candidate applying in another organization, to leverage a better pay package or deal. Hence you can negotiate a good salary or terms of employment.

How You Get an Experience Certificate, and from Whom?

The Human Resource Department of the organization you are/were working with is responsible for issuing the experience certificate.

However, it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure all the details mentioned on the experience certificate are accurate. The certificate is printed using the organization’s letterhead and signed or sealed by the authorities.

Sometimes an experience certificate is provided by your employer without asking them. In case they do not issue one, you have to request the certificate for yourself.

However, keep in mind that if you fail to receive your service certificate for foreseen reasons then be prepared to face problems in terms of employment.

Since most organizations and companies ask for an experience certificate from their applying candidates, failure to provide so can hinder your career opportunities. Hence, it is best you write a letter to your HR or employer to issue you your experience certificate,

Worst involves worst, if your employer will not provide an experience certificate, you ought to attach a letter of explanation to your application and fasten any additional proof like your taxes, so you can support your employment status.

Format of an Experience Certificate

Think of the service certificate as a shorter version of a recommendation letter. There is no certain format that is needed to be followed while constructing an experienced certificate.

Every organization or company can have its own format regarding an experience certificate.

However, the following ten content should be included in the certificate:

  • Company’s letterhead

The name of the company should be mentioned at the top of the certificate. The letterhead must contain the details of the organization such as company address, telephone number, email id, website address, and Company Registration number.

  • Date of Issuance

The date when the document was under preparation.

  • Salutation 

A good old “to whom it may concern,” is the safest and best pick. Mrs. and Mr. work well too.

  • Employees full name

Make sure that the name of the worker is correctly written down on the document. If there is any name mistake, then employees may face problems within the documentation approval process in their next company.

  • Employees title or designation
  • Company’s name
  • The period of employment of the employee
  • Description of the employee 

It is important to include all the employment details in the service certificate for the record of the employee. Ensure all the details mentioned are accurate and any name spellings are right as well.

  • Additional remarks by the employer 

This acts as a closing statement. It should be polite yet formal. should be formal as well as polite. It is like wishing your employee good luck. This sentence is powerful enough to make a difference in the employee selection chances in another company.

  • Signature line

Sample of an Experience Certificate

The following sample may be a simplified experience certificate that contains all the necessary details.

Official Company Letterhead:

Title of Experience Certificate

To whom it may concern,

I hereby certify that the Name of Employee was employed as a Designation of Employee with our organization Name of Organization from Starting Date to End Date, has successfully and responsibly completed the tenure with excellent performance.

(Additional remarks by the employer),

(Add other relevant details, like salary, if required),

We wish the Name of Employee the best of luck for the longer term.


Organization Name


Authorized Signature and Company’s Seal

Experience Certificate VS Experience Letter

As similar as these two experience layouts seem, they have a huge difference. An experience certificate is a sort of a certificate (format mentioned above), while an experience letter is more within the format of a letter.

These are two completely different layouts, and one must check which one among the two is required by the organization they are applying in.


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