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Study in Canadian Universities Without IELTS in 2022 – Admissions Open!

Scholarships Without IELTS in Canada

Scholarship Deadline Always Open
Open for Applications March 11, 2022
Remaining Days Always Open
Opportunity Canada Scholarships
Funding Amount Fully Funded
Country Canada

Admissions without IELTS at Canadian Universities for the batch of 2022 were announced for all international students holding good proficiency in the English language. The IELTS alternative scores will be accepted by those Canadian Universities if applicants fail to provide IELTS.

No wonder Canada is always the most admirable and preferable place when it comes to pursuing higher education at an affordable cost. The prestigious universities of Canada have advanced learning systems, innovative technologies, and valuable funded scholarships without IELTS tests for any international student.

Not only this, that amazing country has many more reasons to lure overseas students for studying here, like no application charges, tuition fee exemption, and diversified undergrad, grad, and postgraduate programs in multiple fields.

However, IELTS seems a big concern when it comes to getting admission into notable Canadian universities. But not anymore as now it is time to say goodbye to all such worries. There is no need to pay a high fee for ILETS exams when one can secure admission into Canadian universities without submitting IELTS test scores.

Yes, you have heard it right! There are dozens of universities in Canada that have omitted the IELTS test score requirements and given admission and scholarships without it.

Here, we will discuss all the relevant aspects that will help the student to study in Canada and grab admission into any Canadian university without IELTS.

Role of IELTS in Canadian Admissions:

Before jumping over the admission steps for Canadian universities without IELTS, let’s understand the need for IELTS first. IELTS is a standardized test required by most universities where the instruction medium is English. The purpose of this Language test is to check the potency of candidates to speak English.

It is a globally recognized test that consists of four parts. On the other hand, while applying for the study visa, IELTS tests score are also mandatory to submit.

5 Steps of Admission Process for Studying in Canada Without IELTS:

Can we study in Canada without showing IELTS scores? Yes, you can. Like we said above, the IELTS exemption has been announced by a few Canadian universities. Other than this, such universities are also accepting IELTS alternative test scores or Language certificates to fulfill language proficiency requirements.

Let’s discuss the complete process of getting admission into the Canadian university without IELTS in detail.

Step: 1 Select your Degree program:

It is the first and foremost step while applying for admission into any university. Carefully decide the field in which you want to make a career in the future. If you have already completed your Bachelor’s from your home country and rooting for postgrad studies, make sure that Canada has a wide range of programs to offer in the following fields, for instance; Business, Humanities, Science, Health, etc.

Step 2: Select the Canadian University:

Now it is time to move to the next step. Select the university from where you want to complete your degree program. Canada has a huge list of renowned universities offering degree programs in many courses. Like, the University of Winnipeg, Toronto University, Humber College, etc.

Step 3: Prepare the Documents and check the other facts:

Do not forget to double-check whether the selected university is worthy or not. Once you are satisfied, it is time to complete the documentation and ponder the eligibility criteria. Also, must ensure the tuition fees and other additional costs to avoid any regrets in the end.

Step 4: Check the Language Proficiency Requirements:

Before applying for admission to the desired university, one must check the mentioned criteria for language proficiency. It is one of the essential steps because the language requirements vary with each university. Candidates can choose between the English and French taught course programs. But for this, they have to abide by a few requirements, like submission of language test scores or language proficiency certificates.

If one cannot present IELTS test scores, still there are ways to secure admission with no IELTS, like; Completing five years of previous education from an English medium institute, providing language certificates, IELTS alternate test scores, proof of belonging to any English-speaking country or choosing the English language course at Canadian University.

Other IELTS Acceptable Tests in Canada are; TOEFL, DET, PTE, CanTEST, CELPIP, CPE, CAE, CAEL, AEPUCE.
French Acceptable Tests are; DALF, TCF, DELF, TEF, TESTCan.

Step 5: Submit the Admission Application:

After meeting all the eligibility and language criteria, log in to the chosen university’s official admission application portal. Submit your application with the required set of documents in the mentioned format, and pay the admission application charges before the due date.

Step 6: Apply for the Student Study Visa:

As soon as you receive the admission acceptance letter from the Canadian university, apply for the study visa. These processes take a few more days than expected. So, hurry up, apply for the study visa and commence your classes in Canada as soon as possible.

List of Universities of Canada without IELTS:

There are so many top-ranked universities in Canada offering partially/ fully-funded scholarships and admissions into creative fields under the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs without IELTS scores. Check out the list as it might help in taking a better decision while choosing the university for your higher education.

  1. Brandon University
  2. University of Windsor
  3. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  4. Concordia University
  5. McGill University
  6. Cambrian College
  7. University of Winnipeg
  8. Royal Roads University
  9. Brock University
  10. Carleton University
  11. University of Saskatchewan
  12. University of Victoria
  13. Algoma University
  14. York University
  15. University of Toronto
  16. Seneca College
  17. Okanagan College
  18. Queen’s University
  19. Dalhousie University
  20. University of Guelph
  21. University of Manitoba
  22. University of Regina
  23. Saint Mary’s University
  24. Mount Royal University
  25. Simon Fraser University

List of the Scholarships at Canadian Universities without IELTS:

1# Brandon University:

Scholarships offered by Brandon University are the Deans’ Awards for Undergraduate Research Excellence, Continuing Scholarships, AP Scholarships, Board of Governors Entrance Scholarships, IB Scholarships, etc.

Meanwhile, the acceptance rate of Brandon University is 47.5%

2# University of Windsor:

Scholarships announced by the University of Windsor are Athletic Scholarships, Entrance Scholarships, Skills Competition Scholarships.

However, the acceptance rate of the University of Windsor is 64%.

3# Memorial University of Newfoundland:

Candidates can win the following scholarships offered by the Memorial University of Newfoundland, like General Motors Undergraduate Scholarship, Dr. Evan Simpson Indigenous Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship, MBA Entrance Scholarships, and all.

The acceptance rate of the Memorial University of Newfoundland is competitive. Getting admission here is not so easy.

4# Concordia University:

Scholarships announced by Concordia University are; In-Course Scholarships, Concordia International Scholars Awards, FRQSC Doctoral Research Scholarships, etc.

The Acceptance Rate of Concordia University is 70.8%.

5# McGill University:

Candidates can opt for the several scholarships offered by McGill University, for example, Faculty-specific Entrance Scholarships for Medicine or Dental, Graduate scholarships, Merit-based Scholarships, and many more.

The acceptance rate of McGill University is 52%.

6# Cambrian College:

Dozens of scholarships are available for the students enrolled in the Cambrian College, like Electrical awards, AECOM Civil Engineering Scholarship, etc.

It is not so simple to secure admission at Cambrian College due to the competitive acceptance rate.

7# University of Winnipeg:

The famous University of Winnipeg has many scholarships, like AP & IB Entrance Scholarships, Special International Entrance Scholarships, etc.

In the meantime, the acceptance rate of the University of Winnipeg is 75%.

8# Royal Roads University:

Some of the famous scholarships offered by the Royal Roads University are; Royal Roads Academic and Community Leadership Scholarship, Roads University International Entrance Scholarship, ICA Diversity Scholarship, etc.

The acceptance rate of Royal Roads University is 60%.

9# Brock University:

Students can enjoy the following scholarships announced by Brock University, Goodman Scholarships, Prestige Awards, Caribbean International Scholarship, and so on.

Meanwhile, the acceptance rate of Brock University is 73% as per the academic statistics.

10# Carleton University:

One can opt for a few prominent scholarships presented by the Carleton University, for instance, Carleton Capital Scholarship, Department Scholarships, David Muir Entrance Scholarship, and many more.

The acceptance rate of the noble Carleton University is 21%, which makes it a highly competitive institution.

11# University of Saskatchewan:

The topmost scholarships offered by the University of Saskatchewan are; J.M. Sharpe Memorial Scholarship, Chancellors’ Scholarships, Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships, Edwards Undergraduate Scholarships, etc.

The acceptance rate of the University of Saskatchewan is nearly 45% as it is a quite competitive university when it comes to admission.

12# University of Victoria:

The University of Victoria has many amazing scholarship programs for overseas and local students like; In-course scholarships or Entrance Scholarships.

The Acceptance Rate of the University of Victoria is 63%.

13# Algoma University:

The next we have is Algoma University, offering various scholarships, like Allied Van Lines Scholarship, Chancellor’s Award Scholarships, Dean Awards, and much more.

However, the acceptance rate of Algoma University is partially competitive i.e.; 42%.

14# York University:

The very famous York University has many graduate and undergraduate scholarships, for example; President’s International Scholarship, Tentanda Via Award, SARIT Scholarship Program, etc.

The Acceptance Rate of York University is 69%.

15# University of Toronto:

One of the prestigious institutions of Canada is the University of Toronto, having many valuable scholarships, like Al Mercury Scholarship, National Scholarship, Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship, etc.

The Acceptance Rate of the University of Toronto is 43%.

16# Seneca College:

A few dominant scholarships offered by Seneca college are; Ji Hun Kim Memorial Scholarship, Renewable Degree Scholarships, Diploma-to-Degree Scholarships, and many other scholarships.

The Acceptance Rate of Seneca College is 85%

17# Okanagan College:

Students with minimum finances can opt for the Okanagan College Community Spirit Awards, Johnstone Memorial Awards, Okanagan College President’s Entrance Scholarships, etc.

However, it is a bit easy to get admission here due to the non-competitive acceptance rate.

18# Queen’s University:

Students enrolled in any Undergrad, Grad, or Ph.D. degree program can get their hands on the Principal’s Scholarship, Chancellor’s Scholarship, Excellence Scholarships, etc.

Meanwhile, the acceptance rate of Queen’s University is 68%.

19# Dalhousie University:

Students have a golden chance to avail themselves of the following notable scholarships announced by Dalhousie University; Andrew MacKay Alumni Scholarships, Aramark Leadership Award, General Entrance Award, and so many more.

The Acceptance Rate of Dalhousie University is between 60% to 70%.

20# University of Guelph:

The University of Guelph is another popular name in Canada due to various funded scholarship programs like; Board of Governors’ Scholarship, President’s Scholarship, & Academic Leadership Entrance Scholarship.

The acceptance rate of the University of Guelph is 66%.

21# University of Manitoba:

The University of Manitoba has announced many partially or fully funded scholarships for deserving candidates like; International Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, Rhodes Scholarship, and many more.

The Acceptance Rate of the University of Manitoba is 52%.

22# University of Regina:

The next one on our list is the University of Regina, it has announced the following prestigious scholarships, like Solidarity Scholarships, International Entrance Scholarship, etc.

Meanwhile, the acceptance rate of the University of Regina lies between 80% to 90%.

23# Saint Mary’s University:

Saint Mary’s University has many scholarships for its undergrads, grads, and postgrads students, for example, Sobey National Innovator Scholarships, Bernard Kline Memorial Fellowship, Academic Achievement Scholarship, etc.

The acceptance rate of Saint Mary’s University is 85.4%.

24# Mount Royal University:

The Mount Royal University of Canada is giving scholarships with various benefits. Some of these scholarships are; SARIT Scholarship Program, Ad Standards Scholarship, etc.

The Acceptance Rate of Mount Royal University is 81%.

25# Simon Fraser University:

Lastly, Simon Fraser University has announced various generous scholarships, like McCall MacBain Scholarship, Aboriginal Community Engagement Award, Open Scholarship, etc.

The Acceptance Rate of Simon Fraser University is 59%.

Bisma Farooq

Bisma is a top financial aid advisor at top-ranked colleges across the country and we have her here on our guest authors list. She writes on academic topics, available opportunities, and their application procedures. She holds a master's degree in medical sciences.

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