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Cost of Study in Canada for International Students 2023

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Budget requirement for students to live in Canada in 2023 – As per our research, the good news is that the Study cost in Canada for international students in 2023 is going to be on lower side as compared to UK, Australia, US, and New Zealand; this verdict of ours came after extensive due-diligence of data issued by Statistics Canada, QS University rankings, Universities Canada report, and International student bodies.

Globally, Canada is ranked third in countries with best quality of life which makes it an attractive choice for students and not only that but the fully funded scholarships issued by Canada to international students also lifts Canada to the top list of the less expensive countries for higher education. This article will discuss cost of education in Canada’s schools, colleges and universities and all things associated.

Typically, tuition fees of Universities in Canada may range from approximately $7,000 to $22,000 per year for international students in 2023 for most subject and degree options. Many Canadian college programs also include a work placement or apprenticeship opportunity, so you may earn an income or be given monthly stipend while you study in Canada. It must be noted that the average expense calculated for living in Canada for education purposes is between CAD$12k-18k per annum for international students.

1# Cost of Primary and Secondary Schools in Canada:

Primary and secondary schools in Canada charge annual fees to international students which differ for types of schools such as private day schools charge CAD$15k-CAD$30k per year while Canadian public schools charge CAD$9k to CAD$17k annually, but If you’re looking to go to a private/independent boarding school then it would cost around CAD$63000-$83000 per year. Many schools have additional charges for societies, trips and lunches.

2# Cost of Vocational and Language Schools in Canada:

If your interests include learning languages, then Canada’s language schools have the best to offer for those who wish to get enrolled in a language course. The cost of language school in Canada varies on the type of vocational and language school chosen but on average you may be charged around CAD$340-$425/week for attending a vocational or language school in Canada.

For Canadian vocational schools, your fee will depend on the program you choose and according to this, your tuition fee will be approximately between CAD$7000 to $22000 per annum. Whereas, living costs are also an important factor for students.

3# Cost of University Education in Canada:

In comparison to other countries, the cost of university education in Canada is inexpensive for international students as bachelors, masters or doctoral degree admissions are either offered on Canadian scholarships or at big discounts.

As per the data seen on the reports of Statistics Canada (2022) the cost of an undergraduate degree in Canadian Universities is around CAD$6800 for foreign students whereas, it is nearly CAD$21000 for graduate degree admissions for international students.

4# Living Cost in Canada for Students:

Here comes a most searched question on how much it would cost you to live in Canada as a local or an international student and i’m going to answer it based on my research and data reviewed from statistics Canada, Universities Canada, and QS data. Please also keep in mind that Canada is a big country with expensive and inexpensive cities to live in therefore i took a range to give you a better estimation of the living cost data which provides insights into how much it costs to live in inexpensive city of Canada on lower range as compared to how much spent would be required to live in expensive cities of Canada.

Cost of Living for Canadian Students: If you are a local Canadian student but your University is not in the city of your residence then be prepared to have a budget of over CAD$7000-10000 per annum; this budget will be used by you to be spent on groceries, dorm rental, books, and travel fares.

Cost of Living for International Students: A budget of CAD$12000-16000 is a good estimation of the spent carried out by international students in Canada annually on books, groceries, food, travel fare, internet/utility bills and dorm room rental.

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