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2022 Summer internships in CANADA Without IELTS – Canadian Career Options

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This is the best time to apply for the highly paid Summer Internships of Canada in 2022. These Canadian Internships enable students to take their first step toward setting their careers in Canada.

We all can relate to the frustration of seeing companies looking to hire only experienced individuals. It is one of the most annoying parts of entering the ever-so-competitive job market. So then the question always arises if no one is giving you a shot, how are you going to accumulate any experience? And that’s where the importance of internships comes in. 

Internships are game-changing for students looking to boost their CVs.

What Do Canadian Summer Internships Cover?

The benefits of getting an internship when you’re in school or university are numerous. It builds your resume and portfolio that can make you stand out when applying for a very sought-after job. If your resume has internships, it can make a world of difference in your chances of being hired by a major company.

Canadian Internships help you develop proper workplace etiquette, punctuality, vital soft skills, and you learn how to collaborate in a workplace environment so all this combined gives you solid practical experience. Unpaid internships are normally only permissible in Canada if they fall under a recognized academic program. Under Canadian law, you are protected and must be paid even as an intern.

By finding a Canadian internship program that is appropriate for you, you will earn extra money and gain unique skills that will make your future job prospects better.

So we suggest you to get your applications ready for Canadian internship programs and gain some valuable experience. Make use of the summer break and do something productive! Now is the chance to enroll yourself into Canadian internship programs as a multitude of individuals from various backgrounds are applying right now as we speak.

For students working to obtain their Undergraduate or Postgraduate degrees in renowned Canadian Universities, a variety of prominent institutions are providing internship programs that don’t require IELTS scores.

What is an Internship Program?

An internship program refers to a paid or unpaid program, based on practical hands-on fieldwork, in the selected field. These programs are created primarily for newcomers, to provide them an overview of the professional sector in a short period.

Why Taking Part in Canadian Internships?

Summer vacation is generally spent by students lounging at home, using social media excessively, and watching movies, instead of investing time in productive activities. Furthermore, most of these students are unaware of the importance an internship from a reputable organization carries, and how this could act as a career break-through, and be the first step on the ladder towards professional and academic progression. Given below are some advantages of doing a summer internship:

  • Gives professional work environment exposure.
  • Helps you build professional connections for the future.
  • Increases prospects of learning professionalism, and putting theory to practice.
  • Is a way to earn in monetary value, as well in the form of credit hours for college.
  • Builds your resume.
  • Enhances chances of scoring a permanent job position.
  • Helps learn important practical and analytical skills.

List of Canadian Summer Internship Programs Without IELTS

Summer internships are available at the following notable Canadian organizations for students studying in Canada:

  • Nestle Canada Internships
  • Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc. APTN Internships
  • Accenture Inc. Internships
  • Procter and Gamble – Information and Technology Internships
  • Bell Canada Internships
  • Hatch Ltd Internships
  • Procter and Gamble – Sales Internships
  • Amazon Recruiter Internship
  • Royal Bank of Canada Internships
  • Adobe Research Internship
  • Toyota Canada Internships
  • McDonald’s Internships
  • Husky Energy Internships
  • Shell Assessed Internships Programs
  • Air Miles Canada Internships
  • Bank of Montreal Internships
  • Google Canada Internships
  • HSBC Canada Internships
  • MacDonald, Detwiler, and Associates Internships
  • British Columbia Internships –Young Hire Program
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Internships
  • National Bank of Canada Internships
  • TRE Summer Internship for College Students
  • CanadaHelps Internship Programs
  • Canada National Railways Internships
  • Halifax Canada International Airport Authority Internships
  • Canada Pilot Internships
  • Ford Canada Internships
  • Tesla Canada Internships
  • Audi Canada Internships
  • WHO Canada Internships
  • UNESCO Internships
  • Entertainment One Ltd (eOne) Internships

Let’s take a closer look at each Canadian internship program below:

1# Nestle Canada Internships
Nestle Canada offers a variety of paid internship programs ranging from one to four months in length, where candidates pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree are eligible to apply for both, full-time and part-time internship programs. The Nestle Canada internships, on the other hand, do not require IELTS.

2# Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc. APTN Internships

Internships with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc. (APTN) are offered to all young passionate post-secondary students interested in pursuing a career in television broadcasting. This program is paid in nature, teaches all skills relevant to television broadcasting, and provides a practical view of the media industry. While IELTS is not required for this specific country, applicants must be enrolled in the journalism and television broadcasting program to be considered eligible.

3# Accenture plc. Internships

Accenture plc. is a global professional services firm established in Ireland that specializes in information technology consulting services. Accenture’s Technology Development Program (TDP) offers chances to collaborate across industries and geographies, helps develop technical skills in high-demand areas, and educates analysts in supporting clients in the light of market trends, business processes, and digital landscapes. Only a bachelor’s degree in any major is required, and IELTS is not obligatory.

4# Procter and Gamble – Information Technology Internships

Interns for the Procter and Gamble Information Technology internships must be 12 to 18 months away from graduation and enrolled in information technology, informatics, computer science, or related discipline. While IETLS is not required, B2 or similar CEFR English language abilities are needed.

5# Bell Canada Internships

Internships with Bell Canada are offered to students in their second or third year of undergraduate studies in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, or Applied Technologies- with no IELTS requirement. Candidates will be rewarded after the program.

6# Hatch Ltd Internships

Students enrolled in marketing programs can apply for Hatch Ltd internships to help promote Hatch Ltd’s marketing initiatives, by providing new ideas and innovative techniques. The company offers a 6-month internship, which pays $27.02 per hour and does not require IELTS. Furthermore, selected interns will collaborate with their marketing and sales teams on a professional level as well.

7# Procter and Gamble – Sales Internships

Students majoring in business or engineering undergrad degree can apply for Procter and Gamble’s 12 to 18 month Sales Internship, which is a part-time position with flexible working hours, highly suitable for students. This program requires excellent English writing and speaking abilities. However, IETS is not a condition.

8# Amazon Recruiter Internship

Amazon is known to be a company that offers endless possibilities to undergrad students, preparing them for a full-fledge launch into prospering careers. For this internship, applicants need to fulfill basic eligibility criteria which include current enrollment in a bachelor’s degree, and a graduation tenure between December 2022 and August 2023. However, the program does not require IETLS.

9# Royal Bank of Canada Internships

Summer students can apply for full-time Innovation Developer internships at RBC. A selected group of three budding applicants will have the opportunity to investigate new technologies, solve business challenges, and build a workable business model throughout this program. The Royal Bank of Canada Innovation Developer Internships are open to students in grades 11 and 12 studying Computer Science Engineering or Entrepreneurship. Moreover, IELTS scores are not necessary for the application to this internship.

10# Adobe Research Internship 

Adobe Research is hiring graduate student interns to work on cutting-edge technologies in a variety of research areas. Interns work closely with other experienced researchers, as well as Adobe’s award-winning product and design teams. Applicants seeking Ph.D. and master’s degrees can now apply for research and engineering internships in the spring, summer, and fall seasons of 2022.

\Adobe Internships in 2022 is currently remote, but Adobe is closely watching the pandemic situation, and may provide a hybrid option if conditions improve. Although IELTS is not required, students must be proficient in English.

11# Toyota Canada Internships

There are numerous career options with the Toyota Corporation in Canada. While pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, students can participate in the summer hour program or paid internships, offered by Toyota. These internships come with a slew of perks, like wellness and health-care benefits, a vacation package, etc., and also do not require IELTS.

12# McDonald’s Internships

For McDonald’s Internships, candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Journalism, Public Relations, or Communications, having at least a 3.0 GPA are preferred. Candidates will be paid $25 per hour, plus housing stipends. When considering McDonald’s Canada Internships, IELTS is not required.

13# Husky Energy Internships

Husky Energy, one of Canada’s most well-known firms, is giving dozens of summer internships to qualifying students who are enrolled in business, technology, supervisory, engineering, and efficiency departments. Candidates must fit into one of the above-mentioned disciplines and apply directly through Husky Energy’s official website to be considered for such internships. There are also no IELTS requirements for Husky Energy Internships.

14# Shell Assessed Internships program

Candidates 12 months away from graduation, or students currently enrolled in a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, are sought for Shell Assessed Internships. It’s a four- to sixteen-month internship program in which selected applicants work on a variety of business initiatives under the supervision of highly trained and talented experts. Candidates will also receive various non-monetary incentives, as well as cash bonuses. This opportunity again does not have specific IELTS requirements.

15# Air Miles Canada Internships

Students who want to make the most of their vacation time should apply for Air Miles Internships in Software Development, Data Science, and Marketing. To be eligible for this internship, c Candidates must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program, in the following disciplines: Engineering, Computer Science, or Physics. IELTS, on the other hand, is not asked for.

16# Bank of Montreal Internships

The Bank of Montreal has offered several internship opportunities for students with suitable post-secondary degrees. Customers Representatives, Personal or International Banking Associate, and other programs are available to interested individuals. For Bank of Montreal Internships, there are no specific IELTS requirements.

17# Google Canada Internships

Google has a reputation for having some of the most competitive internships in the world. They’re known as the information superhighway, and it’s their mission to make knowledge available to everyone, everywhere. This entails staying ahead of technological advancements and making technology as user-friendly as possible.

Google offers research internships, which are full-time and paid programs with a 12-14-week duration. These internships have scope for personal and professional growth, career advancement, an executive speaker series, and community engagement. The candidate must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Computer Science, Statistics, Linguistics, Applied Mathematics, Biostatistics, Operations Research, Natural Sciences, Economics, or a comparable technical discipline to be eligible for the internship.

18# HSBC Canada Internships

HSBC Canada has a variety of internship opportunities available, including internships in marketing, global banking, wholesale, data analytics, and more. For the full-time data analytics internship, only those enrolled in an analytics degree program are eligible. Whereas students of other disciplines can apply to the remaining paid internship opportunities. Furthermore, there have been no IELTS requirements for these internships, which is an astonishing fact.

19# MacDonald, Detwiler, and Associates Internship (MDA)

MDA offers an unpaid Development Internship program. In this program, candidates get to manage all aspects of the district office and have the opportunity to work alongside MDA families and contribute to fundraising. MDA Development Internships are open to juniors and seniors pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any related subject. Good communication skills are essential to complete the admission requirements, without the need for IELTS.

20# British Columbia Internships –Young Hire Program 

If you want to advance in your technical profession, BC Hydro is an ideal place to do an internship. BC Hydro, based in British Columbia, is noted for its apprenticeship and internship programs, as well as for being diversified and ecologically sensitive. Summer internship options for students are available through the BC Youth Hire programs, as well as a Pre-Apprentice Power Line Technician Program, which is a brief one-year job opportunity. There is also no prerequisite for IELTS.

21# Alberta Children’s Hospital Internships

The next IELTS-free internship opportunities to be discussed are those offered by Alberta Children’s Hospital. The hospital offers clinical, as well as non-clinical internship placements of an unpaid nature to interested candidates. Post-secondary institute students are eligible to apply, however, it is required to have a proper record of mandatory tests and reports.

22# National Bank of Canada Internships

This organization is a well-known name in Canada, and it now offers two summer internship programs: Internships in Treasury Risk Management and Internships in Internal Audit or Financial accounting. You must apply for the above-mentioned internships if you are a Bachelor’s or Master’s student studying accounting, finance, or business. Candidates must be able to communicate in both French and English. The IETLS exam score, on the other hand, is not required.

23# TRE Summer Internship for College Students

Next, we have the World Bank Treasury Summer Internship Program, which is a junior professional training program formulated to help young professionals gain the skills they need to pursue an interesting and satisfying career in finance.

This initiative accepts applications once a year, usually in October or November, and aims to recruit exceptional undergraduate students with a demonstrated interest in a financial profession that could aid the World Bank in achieving its development goals. To be considered qualified, applicants need to be in their second to last year of a four-year college degree program. However, an IELTS score is not required.

24# CanadaHelps Internship Program

CanadaHelps, one of Canada’s most well-known non-governmental organizations, offers a variety of summer internships to worthy and motivated individuals. Interns will collaborate with partner charities and assist with fundraising games and activities during the internship. Interns will be paid a fair wage, along with housing and other perks. IELTS is not, however, necessary to apply for CanadaHelps Internships.

25# Canadian National Railways Internships

The Canadian National Railways is the country’s largest enterprise, and it plays a critical role in freight forwarding and products transportation. There are dozens of internship opportunities in various disciplines such as procurement and supply management, advanced technologies, and account engineering. These Internships are open to students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering, finance, commerce, operations management, or a related field, without an IELTS requirement.

26# Halifax Canada International Airport Authority Internships

The Ground Maintenance Internship Program, which is open to post-secondary students, has been introduced by the Halifax Canada International Airport Authority. Students with general labor and grounds maintenance experience will be given preference, with a wage range of $14.50 to $16.00 per hour and a 4% holiday entitlement. There are no requirements for IELTS scores as well.

27# Canadian Pilot Internships

There are a variety of pilot internships available for graduate students who have completed flying training. These internships are provided in Canada through the Intern Abroad Program. Some of these opportunities are as follows: Flight Instruction Internships, International Ferry Pilot Internships, Airline Pilot Internships, and more. IELTS again is not needed.

28# Ford Canada Internships

In Canada, the Ford Motor Company offers summer internships without requiring IELTS or TOEFL results. Students studying undergraduate and graduate degrees are eligible to apply for these internships and will work alongside high-profile businesses and executives throughout the program while having the opportunity to contribute to the company’s policies.

29# Tesla Canada Internships

Tesla, a well-known firm, offers paid internships to undergraduates and postgraduates for three to twelve months. Candidates will engage in automobile production, sales engineering, vehicle control, and other areas throughout this internship. Moreover, selected interns will receive a once-a-month stipend, as well as have their housing and travel expenses covered. Without IETLS results, interested individuals can apply for Tesla Internship programs.

30# Audi Canada Internships

Audi Canada Internships are a fantastic opportunity for motivated students to work with the world-famous Audi Corporation. Candidates will study everything about Audi throughout this 8-week program, ranging from production to sales and marketing. Apply for the Audi summer internship program without IETLS, and get a monthly stipend of 1,495.25 euros.

31# WHO Canada Internships

As a member of the World Health Organization, Canada has announced WHO internships ranging from 6 to 24 weeks. Without submitting IELTS results, students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate degrees in medical, administration, social heath, or management can apply for these internships.

32# UNESCO Internship Program

As a member of UNESCO, the Canadian government offers UNESCO internships to students interested in education, research, culture, and other similar fields. It’s a 2-to-6-month program that requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, as well as language and computer skills. In addition, students will receive $30,000 in insurance. For most UNESCO programs, IETLS is not required to demonstrate language competency; instead, applicants can submit scores from alternative language tests.

33# Entertainment One Ltd (eOne) Internships

Entertainment One Ltd. (eOne) is a talent-driven independent studio specializing in entertainment content development, its acquisition, production, finance, distribution, marketing, and sales. It is a subsidiary of Hasbro, a worldwide toy and entertainment corporation. Interns will receive hands-on experience, cultivate leadership skills, and work on real-world projects.

Additionally, this program will include instructional modules as well as exposure to industry professionals during the summer. This program consists of a 40-hour weakly commitment, and its duration is 20th-26th August. Candidates must be currently enrolled in an authorized university, pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at the time of application. A high academic record is also required of the applicant.

What Should You Do Now?

Shortlist the Canadian Summer internships of your interest and then head on to their official websites to apply before deadlines! While summers are definitely the time to relax and lounge around, you must also consider traveling to Canada for an opportunity that can significantly contribute to your future prospects. 

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Bisma is a top financial aid advisor at top-ranked colleges across the country and we have her here on our guest authors list. She writes on academic topics, available opportunities, and their application procedures. She holds a master's degree in medical sciences.

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