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eVisitor VISA for Australia 2023 | Application Process | Eligibility | Fees

eVisitor VISA 2023 Application Process – The Australian eVisitor Visa is a digital visa that foreign nationals can apply for if they wish to go to Australia for tourism or business purposes. It is linked electronically to the traveler’s passport and can be used for multiple visits to Australia.

Introduction to eVisitor Visa for Australia:

The Australian eVisitor Visa is applied for and granted only through an online process. This means that applicants can obtain their Australian eVisitor visa without the need of visiting the Australian embassy or consulate in person. The online application process is very convenient & fast. Applicant needs only a few minutes to fill out the form. Travelers can apply for unlimited eVisitor visas during their lifetime. There is no limit to the issuance of this visa type.

Purpose of eVisitor Australian VISA:

The Australian eVisa is designed for individuals who want to visit Australia for the short term, either for leisure or for business purposes.

This Australian Visa is linked electronically to the traveler’s passport and can be used for multiple visits to Australia. If you are planning to visit Australia for tour or business purposes, the eVisitor Visa may be a good option for you. It is a convenient and easy way to apply for a visa and allows you to travel to Australia for short periods of time.

Eligibility Criteria for eVisitor for Australia:

To be eligible for an eVisitor Visa for Australia, candidates should meet certain criteria which are as follows:

  • Having a passport that is valid and has been issued by a country that is eligible.
  • Having a personal email address on which he can receive a granted VISA.
  • Must have a debit card so he can pay a fee for eVISA.
  • Should meet the certain health and character criteria of Australian VISA.
  • Having a genuine intention to visit Australia as per the reasons specified in their application. E.g. applicants should apply for a work permit visa if they are intending to work in Australia.

How to Apply for eVisitor in Australia?

To apply for an Australian eVisitor Visa, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you meet the requirements for an eVisitor Visa, including being a citizen of an eligible country, holding a valid passport, and having a genuine intention to visit Australia for touring or business purposes.
  2. Gather all the required documents for your eVisitor Visa application, including a valid passport, proof of sufficient funds, and any supporting documents that may be required.
  3. Fill out your application form on the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. When filling out the application form, the applicant will be required to provide information related to their travel plans. The form will also include questions regarding the applicant’s health and character.
  4. Once you have completed the online application form and paid the visa fee, you can submit your application.
  5. The processing time for eVisitor Visa applications varies, but you should receive a decision within a few weeks. You can check the status of your application online using the reference number provided to you when you submitted your application.

The applicant will receive an eVisa grant notification through email upon approval. You will need to print a copy of this notification and present it to immigration officials upon arrival in Australia.

What Can Be Done With eVisitor VISA for Australia?

Individuals, who enter Australia either for tourism or business matters via eVisa; can stay there for a maximum duration of three months. It covers activities such as vacationing, visiting family, and friends, or taking a cruise, conducting business inquiries or negotiations, attending a seminar or conference, and participating in unpaid volunteer work. However, it does not permit paid work or study as the main purpose of the visit.

Duration of Australian eVISA:

The eVISA has a maximum validity of one year only or until the applicant’s passport expires. This means that you can use your eVisitor Visa to enter and exit Australia multiple times within the validity period of the visa, as long as the total length of your stay in Australia does not exceed three months per visit

Application Fees for eVisitor VISA for Australia:

For an Australian eVisitor Visa, you can choose from three fee methods:

  • Standard processing time: This is the slowest and cheapest option, with a processing time of 4 days and a service fee of USD $48.99.
  • Rush processing time: This option has a processing time of 2 days and a service fee of USD $85.99.
  • Super Rush processing time: This is the fastest option, with a processing time of 24 hours and a service fee of USD $150.99.

It is important to note that these processing times and fees are for a third-party service that helps with the eVisitor Visa application process. The eVisitor VISA issued by the Australian Government is free and doesn’t need any charges.

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