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Norway Work VISA Immigration 2024 to Settle there

Finding a career position in Norway is not a big thing if you got skills backed by qualifications in any of skill shortage professions of Norway and therefore all of my job seeker audience such as fresh graduates or experienced professionals can now read this article to find out which occupations are in high demand in Norway.

Here i think most notable thing is that the population of Norway is unable to find enough skilled workers for certain occupations for which now they are giving Norwegian work visa to internationally qualified workers and this is where i find space which you can fill in and move to Norway with your family to start your new high paying job (UDI).

Language proficiency requirement in Norway for employment

I think this is going to be the most common question among all of you that what are the requirements related to language as far as jobs in Norway are concerned for foreigners and in this regard i am happy to tell you that English is a basic official language in Norway together with Norwegian and Sami languages and if you are proficient in any of these three languages then you can easily find a job in Norway with work visa in 2024 (Prospects).

Do you want to know Skill Shortage Occupations in Norway?

I think now you have enough background information about professional culture of Norway and now is the time to find out in this article that which of professions are in very high demand in Norway due to skilled worker shortages so here is my research results as per Norwegian Directorate of Immigration:

  1. Nursing workers
  2. Architects and construction workers
  3. Tourism industry workers and multi linguals
  4. Engineers, technicians, and software/IT specialist workers
  5. Researchers, scholars and teachers
  6. Marketing and retail staff workers

Where to Find Norway Government Vacancies in 2024?

If you get employed by Norway government then you will receive high salary, occupational injury/health insurance, pensions upon retirement, family related allowances, sickness offs, and government sponsored advanced course offerings ( For these benefits everyone wants to apply for government jobs in Norway but the question here is where to find these Norwegian government jobs and the answer to this question is to navigate to Norway government jobs website ( to find their most recent job openings to submit your resume for job.

Next Step after landing a Job in Norway as a foreigner

Now let say that you finally found a high paying job in Norway and your new employer wants you to start your new job asap then your next step would be to check if you need a work visa and work permit for Norway or not and you can actually easily find that out if you enter your citizenship information on Norway’s immigration department page to fetch out your country specific visa application instructions here.

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