Fully-funded United Nations Youth Summit 2022: Attend UN Conference

UN Youth Conferences

It is time for the students to apply for the fully funded United Nations (UN) Youth Summit 2022. This UN Youth summit and conferences will be held in multiple locations on different dates in the following year.

Hey, so have you ever wished to participate in a campaign that raises awareness regarding an unmentioned issue in society? If you have, then we have got great news for you. You can now participate in such a noble cause. Stay tuned to this article to know-how.

What is the Model United Nations Conference?

The Model United Nations (MUN) Conference is a nonprofit organization that hosts various educational activities which give students a chance to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and, on a broader scale- the United Nations itself.

What is the purpose of the Model United Nations Conferences?

The Model United Nations Conferences, also known as the MUN Delegations, identify the common, yet undiscussed issues faced by the people. They then perform thorough research on the topics, conduct debates on them and thrive to find a solution to them through committee work. 

And since the organization is a nonprofit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), it is fully paid, implying that the students participating in the delegations will not be required to pay a fee.

Benefits of the Model United Nations Conferences:-

The Model United Nations Delegations are of great importance for both the students participating in them, as well as the society as a whole. 

Following are some of the benefits of the Model United Nations Conferences:

Benefits to student delegates:

  • Development of personal qualities:-

The students, both US nationals and international students, who participate in the Model UN Conferences are directly involved in researches and decision-making programs. Thus they develop in themselves the following personal attributes: 

    1. Writing
    2. Speaking
    3. Debating
    4. Critical thinking
    5. Leadership
    6. Teamwork.
  • Awareness of ongoing scenarios:-

Since the Model UN Conferences focus on current global issues, the students participating in the MUN learn to develop an understanding of the ongoing world scenarios.

Benefits to the Society:-

  • A positive change to the world:-

The Model UN Conferences strive to solve real-world problems, making it a core part of their code of conduct, which helps in bringing a positive change in the world. 

  • Initiation of Sustainable Development Programs:-

The MUN sets Sustainable Development Goals, such that can be achieved by even a lazy person while sitting on his couch. Following are a few of the goals set by the MUN to make an impact in the world:

    1. To fight poverty
    2. No hunger
    3. Eradication of inequality and social injustice
    4. To provide quality education to all
    5. To normalize decent work and economic growth
    6. To promote gender equality
    7. To ensure good health for all
    8. To not only work for humans, but other creatures of the ecosystem.

Who can participate in the Conferences and Summits by United Nations?

The Model United Nations Conferences welcome bright students from around the world to participate in its cause. It hosts students from more than 126 United Nations Member countries, 48 US States, and from over 400 colleges and universities. 

The NMUN hosts more than 6,000 student delegates in its conferences, with 58% of the numbers being international students and the remaining 42% of US nationals.

Thus, all those students, whether national or international, who have an aim to bring a change to the world by contributing to the noble cause of the organization are encouraged to participate in the delegations. They can attend the conferences as their universities’ representatives, or separately as individual delegates. 

Venues and Schedule of United Nations Summit & Conferences:-

The dates and venues of the summit and conferences sponsored by United Nations Youth Summits have been released as of 2021-2022 and for the years coming ahead. If you wish to participate in the MUN, take a look at the places where the delegations will be held, and when:

#1 United States:-
City: Washington DC

    • 2021: 5- 7 November
    • 2022: 4- 6 November
    • 2023: 10- 12 November
    • 2024: 8- 10 November

City: New York
Dates: 2022: 3- 7 April Or 10- 14 April, 2023: 2- 6 April Or 10- 14 April, 2024, 24- 28 March And 1-5 April, 2025, 6- 10 April and 13- 17 April.

#2 Japan:-
City: Kobe
Dates: 20- 27 November 2022

#3 Germany:-
Dates: 19- 26 November 2023

#4 Ecuador:-
Dates: 22 November 2024 – 1 December 2024.

Submit Application for UN Youth Summit 2022 Now:

This was the end of our educational news story. You must have gotten all the information regarding the Model United Nations Conferences by now. All that is left is to make arrangements to attend one. Good luck with that. If you still have any unanswered queries, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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