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Korean Scholarships 2022 – Study for free in South Korea | Don’t Miss!

Fully Funded [BS, MS, Ph.D.] Scholarships in South Korea

Scholarship Deadline Always Open
Open for Applications February 16, 2022
Remaining Days Always Open
Opportunity Korean Scholarships
Funding Amount Fully Funded
Country South Korea

A large number of fully funded Korean Scholarships in various South Korean Educational institutes are accepting online applications. Consider applying if you are interested to study for free in South Korea.

The Korean culture is as rich as the country itself. Korea is known to hold its traditions up high and keep them alive through generations.

Korea is very famous for its K-pop bands and their K-beauty products. Not only that but they are famous for their innovative technology and delicious variety of street food. Moreover, their K-dramas are not coming slow. They have immensely taken over the worldwide entertainment industry.

What you may not know about Korea is that it has a literacy rate of 97.9 and has seven prestigious institutions listed in the World University Rankings top 200.

Korean Scholarships Funding Grant:

Winning a Korean Scholarship will enable you to receive the following listed academic grant by Korean authorities:

  • No cost education in Korea
  • No cost Study VISA
  • No cost travel to South Korea
  • No cost accommodation facility
  • Monthly stipend paid by Korean University
  • Health insurance cover issued by Korean University
  • Access to Korean Universities libraries and laboratories

Moreover, although Korea is a first-world country, its living cost is way cheaper than most of the other first-world countries.

List of Korean Scholarships Available in 2022

Korea also offers amazing fully-funded Korean scholarships. This means bye-bye student loans and hello scholarships!

That being said, if you plan on going abroad to study then it is feasible that you do consider Korea as one of your options.

Korea offers multiple scholarships in their top universities for international students in undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. Following is a list of the top ten Korean scholarships offered.

#1 Global Korea Scholarships (GKS)

The infamous Global Korea Scholarship, previously known as the Korea Global Scholarship, is created by the Korean Government and the education ministry of Korea. The scholarship’s main objective was to bring international talent to Korea and promote mutual friendship with other countries.

This scholarship program is offered at undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. levels in most of the significant universities in Korea. Two hundred and twenty undergraduates, one thousand and eight graduate students are accepted yearly through the GKS.

The Global Korea Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship grant that offers settlement allowance, living expenses, medical insurance, Korean language course fee, and tuition fee. All the costs vary according to your level: undergraduate or graduate.

Graduate-level recipients further receive research support and printing costs. Moreover, both the; undergraduates and graduates recipients receive a total of 100,000 KRW on the completion of their degree.  

To qualify, applicants must be under 25 years for undergraduate level or 40 years of age for graduate level. In addition, their GPA should be more than 80% in their previous educational institute. Their nationality should be of any country but Korea.

#2 Seoul National University (SNU) President Fellowships

Seoul University is considered to be one of the top universities in Korea. It offers President Fellowship to undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. students who have an excellent academic record and a high English Language proficiency score. In addition, they are required to be international faculty members in universities located in Asia, Africa, and South America.

The entry requirements are none as the students who will get an offer of admission to the university will automatically be considered for the President Fellowship. However, preference is given to applicants from public health, medicine, agriculture, engineering, development studies, and Korean studies.

The recipients are given 50% to 100% tuition fee waivers for six months. In addition, they are given living expenses of about 1.5 million for four years, round trip airfare, accommodation, and medical insurance.

Admissions are taken place every year. So, it is best to mention that the receiver must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 to continue receiving the benefits of the scholarship for the next three years.

#3 Samsung Global Hope Scholarships Program

The Samsung global hope scholarship program is specified for the DAC list of OECD recipients. The applicants from these least developed nations have a low income or belong to a lower middle class.

Applicants are selected based on their Korean and English language proficiency, academic record, and finical need. The fully-funded Samsung global hope scholarship lasts four years for an undergraduate program, two years for a master’s, and three years for a Ph.D. degree.  

To apply for the global hope scholarship program, one must ensure that their desired university is a Samsung scholarship partner.

#4 Yonsei University Underwood International College (UIC) Admissions Scholarship

The Yonsei University Underwood International College or UIC for short offers fully-funded scholarships. The Underwood International College comes under the Yonsei University. The UIC is Korea’s first English language liberal arts college and international college for international undergraduate students. Sixteen majors come under this scholarship program.

All applicants are automatically considered for this ivy league university scholarship program but the students that have high academic performance are chosen.

The recipients are offered settlement expenses, living expenditure, tuition fees, and health insurance.

The receivers of this scholarship award must maintain a certain GPA to renew their eligibility for the next school year.

#5 POSCO TJ Park Scholarships for Asian Students

If you belong to the continent of Asia, then here is a golden opportunity for you. The POSCO TJ Park Scholarship is exclusive for masters and Ph.D. Asian students.

This completely funded scholarship’s main objective is to groom and educate all the coming generations of Asian families.

The receivers are awarded tuition fees for four semesters and living expenses of 900 USD a month.

The eligibility criteria are that the applicant must have completed a bachelor’s degree in Korea or any other country. The process of selection is divided into two stages. The first stage evaluated the submitted documents and applications of the candidate. The second stage is conducting an interview.

If the candidate has passed both the selection rounds, then the student must have also applied to their desired university to be awarded the POSCO TJ Park Scholarship.

#6 KAIST University Scholarships

KAIST University is one of the top universities in the world for sciences and technology. It also was the first research university in Korea. Hence, because of its historic impact, the KAIST university is greatly funded by organizations and the Korean Government.

KAIST University Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship program that is offered to both; local and international students. Moreover, the programs are all taught in English so all students can think and communicate from a global perspective.

#7 Ewha Woman’s University Global Partnership Program (EGPP) 

The Ewha Woman’s University global partnership program or EGPP for brief is a fully-funded scholarship grant. This scholarship program is offered at the bachelors’, maters, and doctoral levels.

Since EWU is a private university, its expenses are more. However, with the grant from EGPP, the entire tuition fee is covered. In addition, the receivers of the global partnership program are offered to live in the dorms for free and are given well amount of living expenditure.

You are highly advised to look into this scholarship program as the awards are given to female applicants from developing or third world countries. The acceptance procedure is entirely based on the applicant’s previous academic records and strong leadership skills.

#8 Kyungpook National University (KNU) International Graduate Scholarship (KINGS)

The Kyungpook National University (KNU) offers KINGS which is short for the KNU international graduate scholarship. As the name suggests this scholarship is only for masters and doctoral degrees.

The KINGS is a fully-funded scholarship award that is granted to at least seventy foreign graduate students every year.

There is no application process as you can directly apply for the scholarship. Each department signs off the names of the potential candidates to the KING’s committee. However, the only possible way to be even considered for the International Graduate Scholarship is to ensure that your academic record is excellent.

After the names have been given, the Office of International Affairs will process the documents. The office will then pass them to the Admissions Committee for the formal selection process.

The scholarship is needed to be renewed every year. So, the recipients must maintain a certain GPA to keep their eligibility.

#9 Changwon National University (CWNU) Graduate School Full Time Research Scholarship

Another scholarship for master’s and doctoral degrees is CWNUs graduate full-time research scholarship. This scholarship program offers a full tuition fee for four semesters for international students.

The requirements for this scholarship grant are as follows:

  • Master’s applicants need to be the Lead/First author for 1 paper or a co-author for 2 papers. 
  • Ph.D. applicants should have previously been able to publish a study to be considered.
  • The art major applicant should have 1 or more exhibits, performances, or art presentations.

The scholarship is renewed yearly so if the awardee wants to be considered for the next term, they must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above.

#10 Korea National University of the Arts – Art Major Asian Plus (AMA+) Scholarship

The Korea National University of the Arts offers Art Major Asian Plus Scholarship or AMA for short. This scholarship is eligible for bachelors’ and master’s degrees only.

The eligibility criteria of this scholarship are that the applicant must come from any of the OECD DAC receipts nations. The student must have a high school diploma if they are applying for a bachelor’s degree. And if the exempted is applying for a master’s degree, then they must present their bachelor’s degree.

In addition, candidates with a TOPIK level six are spared from the compulsory Korean Language Training requirement.

All candidates applying must submit a portfolio of all their work, application form, academic transcripts, personal statement, study plan, personal medical assessment, and three letters of recommendation.

The AMA scholarship offers full tuition coverage, a monthly allowance of 800,00 KRW, health insurance, and round trip airfare.

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