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Korean Government Scholarships Program [KGSP] 2022 – Study for free in Korea

KGSP Undergraduate Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Deadline February 28, 2022
Open for Applications February 1, 2022
Remaining Days Closed
Opportunity Korean Scholarships
Funding Amount Fully Funded
Country South Korea

The Korean Government Scholarships Program also abbreviated as the KGSP 2022 is a fully funded financial aid program that’s sponsored by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED). NIIED runs the worldwide Korea Scholarship (GKS) which covers multiple programs for academic exchanges between the Republic of Korea and international countries. There are two sorts of programs which is obtainable by the Korean Government.

The Korean government announced the latest fully-funded Korean scholarship programs (KGSP 2022) for undergraduates and post-graduate degrees. You might be happy to know that Korea is very famous for having the best institutes for studies. The educational policies are also very good for the students.

Purpose of KGSP 2022:

KGSP 2022 is open now and welcoming new applications from the world. This is often the simplest time to pursue your dream of studying abroad. Korean scholarship programs are very friendly and have multiple benefits for scholars. South Korea is one of the highest destinations for studies.

The Korean government has announced these scholarships for international students due to strengthening their relationship with other countries. This text provides you the most important guideline about the way to get admissions in South Korean universities by following the principles, policies, and criteria.

Financial Benefits of KGSP Scholarships:

By achieving the scholarship from GKS you will be able to get benefits that can support your career abroad. So you will be very happy to know that by won the scholarship, it will be a good opportunity for you to get free studies. Except for these benefits, you will also be offered multiple benefits.

#1 Free education

By getting a scholarship from the Global Korea scholarship policy, you get the chance to get all your studies free of tuition fees. As we know it’s very difficult for a student to pay tuition fees abroad. Because of these too many expenses, many students face difficulties to continue their studies abroad. But if you got a scholarship then your education will be free.

#2 Monthly allowance

You will be happy to know that, students on scholarships also get a huge amount of monthly allowance from the university which will be a good source of income to fulfill your daily basic needs.

#3 Part-time job opportunity

A student can also start a part-time job in South Korea. But a student is allowed to do a job for 20 hours a week. But in Korea, this is a very tough task to find a job due to having a lack of knowledge of the Korean language. But you can find the job with difficulty. You can be an English teacher. This profession will help you to earn more than your desire.

#4 Career building

If you are a graduate of abroad universities, then it will be an easy task for you to make your career brighter than others. Because your efficient degree can replace those candidates who never got education from the abroad. By holding an abroad degree, it will open the door to employment. So career establishment and a brighter future will be attained very soon. So this is a great benefit for you.

#5 Language Learning

If you go for studies abroad in Korea, then you have to spend 5 years for studies. In which 1 complete year will be associated to learn Korean language and rest of years for the whole degree. So if you better learn their languages then it will be a good chance for you to get a settlement in this country. So it’s a great chance for you to make your better future abroad.

KGSP Scholarship Total Seats:

Korean Government opens up 220 scholarships for international students. Out of 220 students, 125 students will be selected by the Embassy track and 95 students will be selected by the University track. You have to select one method for applying. Selected students get the advantage to study in cheap expenses abroad.

All the students should submit their documents to the embassy or to the preferred university. The country’s embassy or university forwards these documents to the NIIED.NIIED shortlists the students and forwards the list of selected students to the Embassy and University.

KGSP (2022) Scholarships Eligibility Criteria:

  • A student’s age must not be more than 25 years.
  • A student should be mentally and physically fit. If he/she is not good in health and have any mental problem or physical problems then they cannot achieve the scholarships from Korea.
  • Local Korean students are eligible to apply if they are Korean citizens otherwise they will be ineligible for KGSP 2022.
  • Only those students are eligible to apply for the scholarship who gotten CGPA 80% or more.

Documents needed to apply for KGSP 2022:

When you have selected the embassy track or university track, then the other step is to fill the application form and apply for the scholarship. So here you will know which documents are essential for applying for the scholarship programs. Here you need to fill the online application form in the very first place.

Top Universities of South Korea

Now there’s a piece of brief information about the South Korean universities, which offering scholarship policies for their international students. South Korea is the top destination for studying, so here you will know which Korean universities are the best and the top. Here we are proving you with the list of top Korean Universities.

  • Seoul National University
  • Seoul national university of Science and Technology
  • Konjue National University
  • Konyoung national university
  • Pai Chai University
  • Silla national university
  • Pusan University
  • Sun Moon university
  • Inje university
  • Hunan university
  • National Korea Maritime & ocean university
  • Sun chon National University, etc

Fields of study

You can apply in the field of your main interest. here you will see various fields for applying like fashion designing, sports, science, Technology, Research, history, language, Business, engineering, entertainment, etc.

KGSP 2022 Scholarships Deadline:

The last date to submit an application for the fully-funded KGSP Korean Scholarship 2022 is February 28, 2022.

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