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Fully-funded Government Scholarships in 2022 – No IELTS | NO GRE

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Time to submit your admissions application with IELTS, TOEFL and GRE exemption for free for the Governments Funded Scholarships for the batch of 2022-2023 academic session. Most of these Government Scholarships are offered without IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE Requirements.

So are you also one of the thousands on the lookout for loaded Government Scholarships schemes?

Well, today you’re going to look at some of the best government scholarships around the globe, which are not only valuable but also highly inclusive in nature. Government-funded scholarships are always considered to be worthy ones due to their high stocks.

Government Scholarships for International Students

Let’s jump right into the list of best government scholarships across countries and continents:

  • France Government Scholarships

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs offers the Eiffel Scholarship program for excellence. Under the umbrella of the initiative are various scholarships for master and PhD-level students. These scholarships are specifically initiated for international students.

  • Italy Government Scholarships

The Italian government has initiated the Government of Italy Scholarships for international students. Under this scheme, the tuition fee is covered, while an additional monthly allowance is also given out to scheme holders.

  • Spain Government Scholarships

Spanish government scholarship program is initiated to attract international students to undertake studies at Spanish universities. These Spanish scholarships may be fully funded or partially funded depending upon the applicant’s academic performance.

  • Belgium Government ARES Scholarships

Belgium government ARES scholarships enable overseas students to undertake undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs at Belgian universities. The scheme is fully funded, covering all the tuition expenses and an additional maintenance allowance is also given out.

  • Lithuania Government Scholarships

The Lithuanian government in a bid to welcome more international students to the country has commenced many scholarship initiatives. These include Incentive scholarships, Talent scholarships, and scholarships for students in partner countries.

  • Greece Government Scholarships

Greek government offers a handful of scholarships to the international community. These scholarships cover all degree levels. They may be partially or fully funded. The aim of these scholarships is to increase international representation at Greek institutions.

  • Austria Government Scholarships

The government of Austria offers a limited number of scholarships to international applicants. However, if you’re a high performer, you can get your hands on one. These scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and travel.

  • Ireland Government Scholarships

Irish government offers various scholarships to students with a knack for leadership and wonderful academic records. Some of the Irish scholarships include Ireland Government Postgraduate, Undergraduate, and Graduate Scholarships.

The Holland government has initiated Holland scholarships and Orange Knowledge Program (OKP) for international students to carry out Bachelor’s or Master’s studies in the country. These scholarships are given on the basis of academic performance and leadership qualities.

  • Portugal Government Scholarships

The Portuguese government aims to roll their scholarships out to students having a need for them. Other factors like academic performance are also under consideration. The application for these Portugal scholarships is free of charge.

  • England Government Scholarships

The scholarships offered by the English government include A.S Hornby Trust Scholarship, Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships, Global Wales Scholarships for International Students, Young Cell Scheme, Marshall Scholarships, Charles Wallace Trust Pakistan Scholarships, etc. All of these scholarships are for international students.

The scholarships offered by the USA government include Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program, Residence Program, African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), Youth in Action, etc. All of these scholarships are fully funded programs for international students.

  • KNB Scholarship by Indonesia Government

The Indonesian government’s most prestigious scholarship initiative is known as the KNB Scholarship. It is managed by the Directorate of Higher Education and aims to support international students from developing countries to pursue their educational passions.

  • Philippine Government Scholarships

The Philippine government has commenced numerous scholarships in order to increase the inflow of international students in its institutions and the economy in the near future.

  • India Government Scholarships

The Indian government offers a large number of scholarships. Some of the scholarships include Prime Minister Scholarships, INSPIRE India Scholarships, Merit cum Means Based Scholarships, etc.

The South Korean government’s most renowned scholarship scheme is the Global Korea Scholarship or KGSP. It is a scheme specifically initiated for international students. Students with excellent academic performance and leadership capabilities are considered for this program.

  • Vietnam Government Scholarships

The Vietnam government offers a number of bursaries, grants, scholarships, awards, and fellowships to international students. This is done to help international students during their stay in the country. Under these schemes, benefits like housing support, travel allowance, and tuition fee coverage are given.

  • Nepal Government Scholarships 

The government of Nepal has initiated various scholarship schemes for international students. These schemes cover all degree levels and study areas, hence, ensuring that all the students benefit from them.

  • Maldives Government Scholarships

The Maldives government with its scholarships and grants benefits international students greatly. These scholarships may be partially funded, however, other benefits like accommodation, travel, and monthly stipends are also available.

  • UAE Government Scholarships

The UAE government promises international students some wonderful scholarship schemes. These scholarships are given out by the Ministry of Higher Education. They cover tuition fees while additional benefits are also given.

If you don’t want to appear for an IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, or DET exam then consider applying for Chinese Scholarships offered in 270+ Chinese Universities for undergrad and postgrad degree levels each year. The acceptance rate of Chinese Scholarships is very high.

  • Japanese Government Scholarships

Do you know Japan offers fully-funded scholarships to international students each year with its MEXT Japan scholarship program which covers tuition fees, residence, monthly pocket money fund, and many other academic grants benefits. To apply for a Japanese scholarship IELTS is not required.

With this, we conclude our list of the top government-funded scholarships. We hope that it’ll be of great help to you. Just leave a comment in case of any queries!

Bisma Farooq

Bisma is a top financial aid advisor at top-ranked colleges across the country and we have her here on our guest authors list. She writes on academic topics, available opportunities, and their application procedures. She holds a master's degree in medical sciences.

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