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The list of all American Colleges and Universities offering admissions without IELTS for the class of 2022-2023 with fully-funded US Scholarships without IELTS are available in this article.

Daydreaming we have all thought about an educational experience in the US and thought of the dreamy and wonderful life it would bring with it. But it’s not a dream after all and can always be shaped into the reality of our lives come the future. The reason that we all dream to land ourselves acceptance letters from top US Universities is the number of scholarship opportunities for studies in the country presents.

It is further emphasized by the stats that show the US as the biggest hosting nation to foreign students. Now you must be dwelling over the hefty fee structures, aren’t you?

Well, don’t you worry because there are a number of US Scholarship Schemes introduced to finance studies in the country by the US government itself, foundations, and universities?

List of American Scholarships Without IELTS

The icing on the cake is the vast amount of USA scholarship programs that do not require an IELTS exam saving you lots of hassle. So let’s check out the top US scholarship opportunities that exempt the IELTS requirement for the 2022-2023 academic session:

#1 Fulbright Foreign Student Program Without IELTS

Fulbright is a topmost US scholarship hosted each year that is handed out to around 4,000 students from around 160 countries each year. Given out to graduate students to carry out research it is aimed at helping people explore their research potentials providing them with top-tier facilities.

The eligibility criteria and application process of the US Fulbright program vary hugely with regard to the country of the applicant, so to find out you can visit their official website and add your country in the drop-down menu to check your eligibility and requirements.

#2 The NextGen Scholarships Witout IELTS

It is a US scholarship offering for International students with a value of $1000. It is a local award designed to reward a student with academic excellence and brilliance. It is founded by P.E.R.K Consulting Manager Andrena Sawyer.

How To Find If I Am Eligible?
Well, not a heavy-duty task because if you’re an international student with a GPA above 3 and currently residing in Washington D.C you’re the one.

#3 Harvard MBA Scholarship Without IELTS

Next up on the list is the most awaited announcement and the most built-up and reputed university going around. The Harvard MBA program is one of the best courses going around the world. This MBA scholarship will erase all your concerns as it covers everything from tuition fees to travel expenses to accommodation.

With a total value of $102,200, this is one of the biggest scholarship offerings in the world.

Admissions Acceptance Rate of Harvard University: 5%

Harvard ranked at #1 around the world it has a non-existent acceptance rate of 5% making it one of the most difficult universities to get enrolled in. To apply for the Harvard scholarship, it is first required to pass the initial MBA program selection process.

#4 Clark University Scholarships Without IELTS

Clark University provides different scholarship programs inclusive of merit scholarships, grants, study loans, and work-study funding. The scholarships include Jonas Clark Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Robert Goddard Scholarship, and Richard Traina Scholarship. The Richard Traina award is given to students with a top-notch academic performance which totals an amount of $80,000 which is paid over a period of four years.

The Robert Goddard initiative carries a total value of $68,000 which is awarded over a period of 4 years. The Jonas Clark scholarship is aimed at encouraging bold and innovative mindsets and helping in unlocking their potentials. It carries a total value of $56,000 in four years. At last, the Presidential Scholarships are awarded to around 5 students each year. It covers the tuition fee and provides free accommodation.

#5 Illinois University Scholarships Without IELTS

The Illinois University offers three types of scholarships as follows:

1) The RedBird Scholarship

Students with a GPA of over 3 out of 4 automatically qualify for this program. It is valued from $1000 to $5000.

2) Presidential Scholarships

This program requires a higher level of academic excellence with the eligibility criteria for students with a GPA above 3.75 out of 4. Valued at $11,000 to $15,000 it is a well-supported scheme.

3) Illinois University Scholarship Without IELTS

This opportunity is available for students with a 3.5+ GPA and is valued at a minimum of $6,000.

All the scholarships are renewable for up to 3 years. With an acceptance rate of 63.3% and ranked at 47th  nationally this is not a university that is extremely hard to break into.

#6 New York University Scholarships Without IELTS

There is a list of scholarships offered at the New York University which include the Deans Scholarship, Public Service Scholarships, and Executive Leaders Scholarships among many others. The Deans Scholarship is a fully-funded program whereas the Public Services Scholarship is partially funded with half the tuition fee.

The Executive Leaders Scholarship stands at a value of 25% all depending upon the strength of the application. To apply you have to head over to NYU Wagner’s official website and fill out their online form. The admissions are made based on the strength of the applications submitted by the applicants.

The listed US scholarships are funded by NYU Wagner with other external scholarship programs also linked with the university. The New York University has an astounding acceptance rate of 21% indicating the quality the institution strives to maintain. Considered at par with other Ivy League institutions it also offers great encouragement in terms of sporting and extracurricular activities.

#7 University of Minnesota Scholarships Without IELTS

A total of 3 scholarships are offered at this particular university for international students besides the scholarships for natives. The available scholarships are as follows with completed details:

1) Global Excellence Scholarship

All the international applicants having an F1 Visa are automatically considered for this program. Based on their past academic performance and application they’re offered a scholarship from $10,000 to $25,000. These scholarships extend from one to four years, however, the F1 status of your visa must be thoroughly maintained.

2) Undergraduate Research Scholarships

This program primarily focuses on enabling the students to unlock and explore their research potentials. To be eligible you must write a project proposal, fill up the form, and have the Faculty Recommendation Form filled out by your faculty mentor. It is valued at $1400 which carries two installments.

3) ISSS Need-Based Scholarship

As clearly explained by the title of the scholarship this is a program designed to provide emergency need-based funding to international students which are valued at $1000 to $5000.

American Universities with IELTS Exemption for Admissions

We have compiled a list of all USA Universities that offer admissions without the IELTS test. But there are certain conditions to fulfill; such as the candidate needs to provide an English proficiency certificate or a document through which it can be proved that the previously attained degree was taught in the English language.

List of US Universities Without IELTS for Admissions
Baylor University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Drew University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Seattle Central Community College IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Devry University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
University of Wisconsin IELTS Exempted on conditions.
ECPI university IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Westcliff University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Illinois State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Rider University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
La Sierra University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Kendall College IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Park University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Schiller International University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
University of North Alabama IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Saint Leo University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Marymount California University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Oglethorpe University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Southeast Missouri State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Sonoma State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
University of Central Florida IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Notre Dame De Namur University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Northwood University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
California State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
California State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences IELTS Exempted on conditions.
 California State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
 California State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Western Washington University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
California State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
National Louis University IELTS Exempted on conditions.
University of Wisconsin IELTS Exempted on conditions.
Georgia State University IELTS Exempted on conditions.

Questions Related to US Scholarship Queries With Answers

There are plenty of questions that pile up one after the other when we talk about scholarships but don’t worry we are here to provide you the answers to your withstanding problems.

+ How will I receive my scholarship funds?

Not a problem at all because the foundation or any organization that is bearing the expenses for the scholarship will directly transfer it to your university so you don’t need to worry.

+ How to figure out if a scholarship is legitimate?
Look out for the red flags. If there’s something fishy as you see it, dig deeper. The best way to find scholarships is to find the official websites of the mentioned scholarships and check out their application forms. 

+ What are the requirements regarding Visas and immigration?
Well, this is a twisted question because different institutions have different requirements with some being very flexible. While some accept a certain type of visa e.g F1 the others don’t really go into that. So to find out you must check out the website of your desired program.

+ When do the best scholarships come up?

The best time to apply for scholarships is in the summer or fall season in which the majority of the expensive American scholarships are up for grabs so don’t miss out!

So here was our list of the best scholarships in the US without IELTS. If you have any further questions feel free to scroll down and drop a comment and we would be very happy to answer.

Bisma Farooq

Bisma is a top financial aid advisor at top-ranked colleges across the country and we have her here on our guest authors list. She writes on academic topics, available opportunities, and their application procedures. She holds a master's degree in medical sciences.

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