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Sweden Work VISA 2024 Eligibility, Application Process and Fee Requirements

Landing a high paying job in Sweden is first easy step for all international job seekers but after obtaining an appointment letter from any Swedish company, applying for a Swedish work VISA is going to be the next complex step. This is why i wrote down this article explaining Sweden’s Work VISA application process, application fees, and details on eligibility criteria so to make it easier for you to proceed with your work abroad opportunity.

But before i begin discussing this topic i advise all my readers to please check out information on the rights non-Sweden citizens to live in Sweden to work, study, live, and do business there legally and in this regard, it is essential for interested job seekers to read this article to find out next steps after securing a job in Sweden.

Sweden Work VISA With its Types in 2024:

If you are looking for a country that provides a wide range of employment options in different fields with high-income pay scales and lifetime benefits then i recommend you to find jobs in Sweden. Thousands of passionate overseas job seekers come to Sweden every year on work visas to try their luck and change their handsome living by making a handsome amount of money in minimum time.

However, it is significantly important for every international job applicant to first receive an employment/job offer letter from Sweden and then to get a valid work visa that allows them to start working plus living in Sweden.

General Eligibility Requirements for Sweden Work Permit:

You can stand eligible to apply for a Swedish Work VISA if an employment contract was signed between you and employer for recruitment of you for a job in Sweden. An appointment letter, or an employment contract document, proof of the advertisement publishing of job position in EEA/EU/Sweden before 10 days after the employer hired an international job seeker, and academic/experience documents of a job recruit might be required to apply for a Swedish Work VISA in 2023.

Types of Swedish Work Visas in 2024:

Following are the different types of Sweden work visas issued by the Swedish Migration Authority to non-EU nationals. So, check out all the below-listed Swedish VISA types and apply for a specific one that suits your needs:

1- Employer-Sponsored Swedish Work Visa:

This one is the most common type of job visa sponsored by employer to its overseas employee, allowing the candidates to work in Sweden on this Swedish Work VISA permit.

2- Swedish Self-Employment Visa:

It is a Swedish employment visa that comes with three months validity for candidates who want to work and reside in Sweden as freelancers, self-employed professionals, and entrepreneurs. Moreover, applicants are bound to get this visa before stepping into Sweden.

3- Intra-Company Transfer Work ICT Permit for Sweden:

All the non-EU employees who transferred from non-EU company branches to Swedish branches are required to get this Swedish visa from their employers via Swedish Migration Board/embassy.

4- Swedish Business Visa:

The Business visa for Sweden has a validity of 90 days for applicants coming to Sweden for a short business trip, conferences, seminars, etc. This is a temporary entry visa for non-EU citizens interested to visit Sweden for above-listed reasons for a shorter stay time.

5- Holiday Visa for Sweden:

You must be glad to know that the Sweden is offering a holiday VISA to youngsters as well and this one is actually known as holiday VISA. Eligible applicants aged 18 to 30 years from Australia/ Japan/ Canada/ Hong Kong/ South Korea/ New Zealand can apply for the Working Holiday Visa for Sweden, allowing them to stay in Sweden for one year and work temporarily side by side.

6- EU Blue Card:

Highly skilled workers who belong to the relevant fields are bound to apply for EU Blue Card that grants them permission to reside and work in Sweden under this permit.

Application Process for Swedish Work Visa:

The application procedure to obtain Sweden work visa is made online for all in 2023 and this starts with employer’s end who sponsors the visa for recruited employees.

Job Recruitment Process for Employers in Sweden:

First, employers are required to advertise job positions and prepare employment offer contracts. After this, get the union trade approval and report to Swedish Tax agencies about employees’ details. Once the Swedish Agencies have given clearance, it is time for employees to play their part by filling out application forms with essential documents and work visa fees andmeanwhile, the whole application process will take place in 1 to 3 months.

Swedish Job Recruitment Process for Job Seekers:

To the best of my knowledge in 2023, job seekers needs to go through each one of these steps to get a proper job in Sweden, and then apply for a work VISA for Sweden. Job applicants would first require an appointment letter from Swedish employer, then wait for the employer to initiate work permit application upon which job applicant receives a confirmation email and then job candidate is required to attach all documents in VISA application system along with paying a Swedish VISA application fees.

After that the Swedish migration agency is bound to process the VISA application and asks job applicant to provide biodata details as per passport for the issuance of Swedish residence permit.

Sweden Work Visa Application Fees: SEK 1500

Interested Swedish VISA, EU Blue Card, & ICT applicants from all countries are required to pay SEK 1500 as a VISA application fee processing charges.

If you haven’t got a job yet in Europe and you are eager to find an international job placement for a high salary benefit and better living standards then please on read on my article on how to apply for jobs in Europe.

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