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Summer Internship Report Writing in 2023

Writing a Killer Internship Report as an Intern

Every university and degree program has some criteria that one has to follow to complete that degree and some top ranked universities have made this mandatory for their students to take part in any internship program to complete their degree completion requirement.

Without it, most students will not be able to receive their degrees and this is why first of all they have to participate in summer internship program and upon completion of that all participants would be required by that organization to submit an internship report. Based on summer internship report submission that company will evaluate internees performance for the issuance of internship completion certificate which is why i wrote this article to help you on the matter of writing a winning summer internship report.

Basically, an internship report is a formal summary explaining the intern’s learning experience at the company or an organization, however, at some places, employers also ask their internees to provide their feedback so that company can make some measures to improve their internship program.

In this article, we will discuss all the relevant details needed to write an outclass Internship report.

What is an Internship Report?

Before going deep into the details of what points to add in a report and how to compose it, let’s discuss its definition first.

An internship report is a summarized document of an intern’s learning experience at a specific company during the internship. It tells the skills and lessons that an intern has learned during the internship program. Additionally, an internship report provides a glance over the areas where an intern has worked on.

Purpose of Internship Report:

Dozens of reasons are there to motivate an intern for internship report writing out of which some important ones are shared here:

  • The demand of an educational organization to submit it before the degree completion.
  • In some degree courses, it is a mandatory requirement to submit an authentic internship report.
  • Many times, employers ask for it for the betterment of their internship programs in the future.

Content to Add in Your Internship Report:

An outstanding Internship report consists of the following points;

  • Student’s experience at the place where the candidate worked as an intern.
  • Designation of the student as an internee.
  • Tenure of the internship program.
  • Skills learned during the internship.
  • Tasks and challenges faced during the internship program.

All the above-stated pointers are mandatory to discuss appropriately in any Internship report.

How to Outline Your Summer Internship Report?

A well written and well formatted Internship report dipicts the performance, knowledge, and understanding of an internet so this must contain all necessary elements in a professional way to make a successful yet complete report. So please follow given steps to create a professional summer internship report in 2023:

  1. Compose a Title or Cover Page.
  2. Write special Acknowledgements. (optional).
  3. Make a Table of Contents (TOC).
  4. Go for an Abstract page.
  5. Write the body of the report.
  6. Conclusion in the end.
  7. Citations section; if any.

Let’s discuss every step in full detail to avoid any confusion.

#1 Make a Cover Page:

It would not be wrong to say that the first impression is the last one. Hence, it is essential to give your Internship report the best of the best cover page. It will be the first and foremost thing that a person will notice in the Internship report. Consequently, it has to be perfect in every aspect.

Make sure to add such things over the cover page like;

  1. Title of the Internship report.
  2. Internee Name.
  3. Degree Program.
  4. Institute Name.
  5. Joining Tenure.

#2 Time to go for special Acknowledgment:

If you want to dedicate this report to a special one like a teacher or a mentor, go for it. 

#3 Table of Contents (TOC):

If the Internship report is a bit lengthy, as you have planned to add a lot of information here, create a table of content. It will help the readers to have a brief idea about the report.

#4 Go for an Abstract Page:

Mention the position on which the student gets hired in the organization. Try to keep it short, clear, and brief with no extra information. 

#5 Body of the Internship Report:

Once you have written all the above parts pretty well, it is time to move towards the internship report body. Talk about the following things;

Firm’s Background: Discuss and give a little background about the organization where a student has completed the internship. Talk about the year in which the company got established, the company’s goals, daily tasks achieved by the company, and other necessary details. Try to keep it engaging for the readers.

Talk about the Department: Do not exceed this paragraph too much. Just be specific and to the point and mention the name of the department and designation.

Roles and Responsibilities as an Intern: Describe this heading in detail in paragraph form. Mention all the tasks you have performed as an internee, even if they are minor. Whatever you write, it must connect with the next paragraph. 

The upcoming paragraph is all about the experiences and skills that a student has learned as an internee. No matter if it is either from the work or a colleague. It is the most attention-capturing paragraph for a reader. So, explain these things with relevant examples.

Make an Appendix: In the end, it is time to make an appendix to mention all the contributions that a student has made to the firm, like posts, ads, etc.

#6 Conclusion:

Lastly, now is the time to conclude the report positively with the suggestions and hopes to meet in the future.

#7 Add Citations:

If you have used or quoted someone’s else research work then please also add proper citations to it so that your statement gets the weight.

Points to Consider while Writing Summer Internship Report:

  1. Give numbers to all the pages of the report.
  2. Add references/citations
  3. Avoid copying the literature content from the internet.
  4. Share your experience with suitable examples.
  5. Talk about the challenges faced during the internship.
  6. Always choose a new page for a new topic.
  7. Jot down all the ideas on a piece of paper first.
  8. Word count must be between, 9,000 to 10,000.
  9. The tone must be formal and polite.
  10. Make sure to proofread before submission.
  11. Avoid making spelling mistakes and typos.

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