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Scholarships in UK Without IELTS and TOEFL in 2022

Fully-funded United Kingdom (UK) Scholarships Without IELTS

Scholarship Deadline Always Open
Open for Applications January 10, 2022
Remaining Days Always Open
Opportunity European Scholarships
Funding Amount Fully Funded
Country United_Kingdom (UK)

The fully-funded British (UK) Scholarships without IELTS and TOEFL for the class of 2022-2023 in most of the British Universities are now open for online applications.

The United Kingdom is one of the prime educational destinations for students around the globe but not everybody can breathe life into their dreams because not everybody can afford foreign education. This is where the role and importance of UK scholarships chips in enabling people from various countries to fulfill their lifelong dreams but purely on the basis of competence and skillset.

UK Universities offering UK Scholarships Without IELTS:

Following is the complete list of all British Universities that offer various Scholarships without the need of IELTS and TOEFL exams:

  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Bristol
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • University of Essex
  • Birmingham City University
  • Robert Gordon University
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • Riga Technical University
  • Swansea University
  • University of Bolton
  • Bangor University
  • University of Plymouth
  • London South Bank University
  • University of Basel
  • University of Northampton
  • Aston University
  • Audencia Nantes School of Management
  • University of Geneva
  • Northumbria University
  • Portsmouth University
  • Brunel University
  • University of Warwick

Now you must be thinking to sit in the next IELTS examination and what if we tell you that there is no need?

Fully-funded UK Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022

You must think we’ve gone nuts but that’s not it because a number of top-rated universities offer UK scholarship programs without the requirement of any IELTS result. These British scholarships range from fully funded to partially funded ones so let us dive straight into our list of top 10 scholarships in the UK that don’t require IELTS:

#1 Gates Cambridge University Scholarship

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; this is a wonderful opportunity for students as it is fully funded with other allowances also included. This Gates scholarship enables students to complete their Master’s or Ph.D. programs from Cambridge University. 90 Gates scholarships are awarded each year.

How To Apply?

Head over to the official website and work your way into the application section where you’ll find a ‘Apply Now’ icon as you scroll down. Following documents are required to submit your application:

#2 Rhodes Scholarships

Initiated in 1902, Rhodes Scholarship is one of the oldest and most reliable scholarship programs which enables students to study at the University of Oxford.

University of Oxford Admissions Acceptance Rate: 17.5%

The University of Oxford has an acceptance rate of 17.5% making it a difficult university to get admitted to. The Rhodes trust gives away 100 scholarships each year to students from all around the world which are fully funded.

How To Apply?

The application process is distributed into 7 phases which begin with assessing your eligibility, leading to the choice of course and submission of documents like motivation letters and reference letters among others, and finally an interview.

#3 Chevening’s Scholarships

This is one of the most prestigious Chevening scholarships that is provided in the UK is a fully-funded opportunity enabling students to complete their Master’s program from any university in the UK. Every year 1500 Chevening scholarships are given away, thus, increasing your chance to get yourself one. This UK scholarship requires academic excellence coupled with polished social skills.

How To Apply?

In the initial phase, the eligibility of the candidate is assessed and in the case of selecting a personal interview is conducted at the embassies or high commissions of the country the applicant belongs to.

#4 Commonwealth UK Scholarship

Available for students residing in Commonwealth countries it aims at supporting students who can’t afford studies in the UK. This British commonwealth scholarship not only considers academic but social and innovative skills to prepare future leaders. It is a fully-funded initiative so what are you waiting for?

How To Apply?

The following documents are required for applying:

  • Passport copy
  • Academic Transcript
  • University Degree
  • Two References
  • Admission Letter

#5 Clarendon Scholarship

Linked with the University of Oxford 150 scholarships are given out under this scheme each year. It is a fully-funded initiative enabling students to pursue their Masters or Ph.D. also giving out other living allowances which are sufficient for a single person to live in the UK.

How To Apply? 

The application process is rather simple in which you’ve to apply for the Oxford courses. The application fee for this program is not charged and it is free. In academic terms, it is necessary to score a GPA of 3.7 out of 4 to be eligible for this program.

#6 Reach Oxford Scholarships

1,000 scholarships being offered under this scheme makes it one of the biggest scholarship programs around the globe. It allows students to attain their bachelor, Masters or Ph.D. degrees. It is a fully-funded initiative with a regular monthly living allowance and a return ticket to the UK once per year. As can be interpreted by the name this scholarship is also collaborated with the University of Oxford which ranks on No. 2 in terms of universities around the world.

How To Apply?
It is clearly mentioned that any application won’t be accepted until the student has been independently selected at Oxford University. The applications for the scholarship will begin in the next phase for the selected students.

#7 Nottingham Developing Scholarships

Consisting of 105 awardees, everyone is eligible to apply for this UK Scholarship scheme if candidates are to pursue a Masters’s degree in the UK. Restricted to India, African, and Commonwealth countries this covers 50% to 100% tuition fee depending upon the student’s university grades.

The deadline for this Nottingham Developing scholarship is 20th May 2022. It is in collaboration with the Nottingham University which is ranked on 103rd place in the world and finds itself on 18th within UK.

Acceptance Rate of Nottingham University: 14.39%

It has an acceptance rate of 14.39% emphasizing the quality it strives to maintain.

How To Apply?

Just like the Reach Oxford Scholarship this also requires you to get selected in the Nottingham University’s Masters course before the application for the scholarship can be submitted.

#8 University of Sussex Scholarships

The UK Sponsored Scholarships are offered at the University of Sussex in the Masters, Ph.D., and Bachelor programs. It is ranked in 236th place in the world. To check eligibility and apply for the scholarships visit their official website.

Admissions Acceptance Rate of Sussex University: 83%

It has a laid back acceptance rate of 83%. University of Sussex degree programs are quite expensive for most students but for those who can’t afford this these can apply for the best UK scholarships to help you get through your degrees.

#9 Great Scholarship

This UK scholarship is provided to students from 18 countries to complete their postgraduate courses sending out a minimum funding of 10,000 pounds per year. It is an initiative brought forward by the collaboration of the British Council and the Government.

How To Apply?

Just like some of the other British scholarships in this case also you’ll have to apply for a university of your choice included in the program and upon their approval, you can apply for this particular scholarship through their website. The documents that are required roughly include a personal statement and a motivation letter.

#10 Women’s Stem Scholarships

Brought forward by the British Council in collaboration with 19 UK universities; this scheme is aimed at encouraging and enabling women with interest in STEM subjects to pursue their graduate degrees in the UK.

Benefitting from the excellent educational facilities STEM Scholarships for Women are definitely a good option for many. Women from South Asia, East Asia and America are eligible for the listed program. The UK scholarship without IELTS includes tuition, travel, visa and health coverage.

How To Apply?

You need to apply in any of the universities found under this scheme and upon acceptance from that particular university you’ll be able to apply for this program.

So here was our list of the top ten hassle-free UK scholarship opportunities without IELTS that await you and can be life changing. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your reference letters written and within a few months start packing your bags to get yourself a wholesome and unforgettable educational experience.

Bisma Farooq

Bisma is a top financial aid advisor at top-ranked colleges across the country and we have her here on our guest authors list. She writes on academic topics, available opportunities, and their application procedures. She holds a master's degree in medical sciences.

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